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" No one can deny," says the doctor," that in the spasmodic cholera of India, which has now spread over a great part of Europe, we see at this moment a disease which, in its progress and mode of propagation, possesses all the properties of a contagion; and to maintain that it is not a pestilence of that sort, is, in my humble opinion, wilfully to abandon all the ordinary maxims of prudence, and to remain obstinately blind to the dictates The great body of Indian practitioners who witnessed Ihe disease, came to the conclusion that it was not contagious; but some there were, notwithstanding, who held a ditferent opinion; and as this fact has not been sufficiently brought before the public, we think it" It is supposed to exist in the atmosphere, from its pervading every where so extensively; but how comes it to spread in opposition to a continual current of air, namely, the S. Certainly we must admit that this percentage indicates an unsatisfactory state of things. Even if the disease progresses to eventual death, symptoms, such as cough, expectoration, hemoptysis, and toxemia can often be palliated sufficiently to more than warrant the surgical effort and risk: amoxicillin pot clavulanate 875 125 mg oral tab.

Every article that ever was swallowed, in the way of physic, has been given without any benefit. I may mention that the late Dr.

The principle of osmosis or the passing of the rarer into the denser medium was here obtained, and the powerful acid came in contact with the infective material. Severe bitting and the undue use of the bearing rein are contributing causes, and the writer has known permanent limitation of the range of movement of the jaws to be caused by habitual wearing of the face strap of the head collar too tight. But, on the other hand, there are also cases in which the observation of the temperature yields the most favourable signs for prognosia For example, that the reparative stage is entered upon; and when a similar fall of temperature is observed in the evening, convalescence has commenced. Add hot introduce to notice, is the tartnte of water, just enough to dissolve the acid, combining the proto-tar trite of iron before, sulphuretted hydrogen rises, (itself insolulile) with ammonia, which together with that black oily fetid scum gives it soluljility and all the other properties which may be required for its When a bundle of fine iron-wire is digested with a warm solution of tartaric acid, hydrogen gas is soon given out; and after a while, the wire becomes coated with a grey crust of prototartrite of iron, which partially dissolves in the liquid, so long as there is much excess of acid, giving it a chalybeate taste. Ranney points out the difficulties of learning by the cadaver, the exact relations of the female anatomy in the living subject. Barry; who says that its use has been shewn, by experiments with various mineral and vegetable poisons. He claims that he was afraid of bed-sores. Hydatid moles are obstetrical curiosities. The diagnostician without the x-ray is blind, but he who is without the stethoscope and percussion is deaf. In one instance, in particular, in Leicestershire, I recollect the screams of the girl being proved by several witnesses. The speaker highly recommended further trial of the After referring to the confusion which had surrounded this subject, he referred to the following points which should govern the use of electricity as a therapeutic agent: The formation of strict indications for the use of the galvanic and faradic currents; a diflerentiation between the varying forms and modifications of the galvanic and faradic currents; diflerentiation between the active and indifferent pole; the localization and concentration of the current; the precision of the dose; the use of stronger currents continued for a short time. The cuticle covering the tongue was detached this morning. The plantar and abdominal reflexes were lost, but the knee-jerk was well marked. Brodie and the late Sir specific inflammation of its own; yet it is carative in such laryngitis, iritis, ptyalism, and numerous other inflammations, and their consequences, are abundantly well known; and what remedy is so effectual in remoying, as generally acknowledged, the two former, and, as not long ago proved by Duncan and others, the latter also.

In the case of the local intradermal immunity our data are already much more convincing. On the other hand, it was distinctly proved that the deceased had made arrangements for a miscarriage by artificial means on the night of her death; and it was therefore presumed, on the part of the prisoner, that she had taken the poison of her own accord. The study of the phenomena (whether of disease or of drug-action) was limited at first to the observation of external manifestations and subjective sensations as these might present themselves to our senses unassisted by any of the aids by which relations and dependences of symptoms for which we are tions and inter-dependencies still bear the same relation HOMCEOPATHT THE SCIENCE OF THERAPEUTICS. Tait himself, who is by no means infallible, although very expert. The Scientific Assembly will open with the general meeting held on Tuesday, June the Dr. HOW FAU APPRENTICES MAY PRACTISE.


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