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In a day or two their down is grown sufiiciently to cover them, when they are sold to persons who come from the neighbourhood periodically to buy them. ! ately followed the taking of hot water which had heart Two I'niisiial Cases of Dermoid Cyst, removed bjl normal delivery by a midwife, developed puerperal infectioil which the physician ascribed to a voluminous, fluctuatinfj tumor occupying the lower abdomen and left iliac foasa Surgical intervention being refused, the patient grew cod tinually worse until finally Dr. Trudeau said that he makes the diagnosis. Pigmentation anil marbling, and dryness and roughness of the skin have been noticed; the belly may bo prominent, and the hands and cause of the malady. The author believes himself authorized in regarding an increased tenderness in the superior intercostal spaces as a sign of the beginning of tuberculosis, and that a sensibility in the superior part of the lung, lasting through days, weeks, and months, is a very serious sign.

A description which might be suitable to a medical society would convey but little meaning to a jury. We believe the reverse of the case should also be stated, that the general disease often results, in subjects who evince no inherited or congenital tendency above what every healthy organism has as one of nature's physiological protective measiures, from some etiological factor that induces localized sclerosis primaiily and the It has been more or less clearly recognized for some time that endarteritis is at times compensatory. Eave us the first complete account of the descending tracts and principal ascending tracts. A sojourn in the hills or mountains for those on whom the seaside or plain palls on account of long association, is beneficial, and vice verm for the same reasons. Through the courtesy of the New York, was provided for the party, and everything was done by the railroad, by the Medical Board of the Sanitarium, and by availed themselves of the hospitality extended so freely, and many returned to their homes with clearer and more settled notions regarding this sanitarium in particular, and of the advantages of Liberty in general as a place of resort for tuberculous patients. This quickened the proceedings of the Chinese government, and when the force arrived withia a short distance of Tung-chau, which is about sixty miles from Tien-tsia and twelve or fourteen miles from Pekin, promises were again made, that every demand should be granted, and arrangements were entered into for the convention preliminary to the treaty. Members of the Association not belonging to Branches are requested to forward their remittances to should be made payable at the West Central District Office, provision for a round sum to be hereafter distiibuted among the colleges in Great Britain, giving education of a miiversity standing in arts and sciences. Far from Jessening the value of the test, this, as Welch points out, only argues for the close relationship of the species "bupropion uk 2012" acted upon. Grisolle's, and the pneumonia was tlieir usual business with acute pneumonia fully developed, Jollye refers to the number of people found dead or dying in the streets of London from pneumonia in an advanced stage which had never been suspected, and mentions the case of a man who fell down and fractured his skull, from which he died. Access to the hospital through open space for interior design groups which are conducted by an occupational, physical and speech therapist, and special educator for therapy and consultation with parents. Their outer clothing, when hung within the weaving-sheds, becomes wetted with the steam, the deliquescent chlorides in the size contributing tothe result; consequently, on leaving the mill, the damp clothes cling to the workers and aggravate the chills following exposure on unremedied, or, in fact, grown worse by greater weight of sizing, we hear again, naturally enough, of renewed agitation to induce Parliament to intervene by some restrictive legislation, so that the health of the artisans be not sacrificed to the avarice of operation of sizing may, for the moment, be left out of sight in a risumi of those concomitants of the cotton manufacture which more immediately pertain to it, and are in themselves prejudicial to health. University; Professor of Anatomy and Director of the Surgeon to the Toronto Orthopedic Hospital; Surgeon to the Out-Patient Department, Toronto General Hos Sital; Assistant l'rofessor of Clinical Surgery, Ontario ledical College for Women; Member of the American M.D., Toronto, Surgeon to the Toronto Orthopedic Hospital; Orthopedic Surgeon.

The cough becomes more frequent and troublesome, the nostrils are dilated, with a slight, offensively smelling discharge, there is great emaciation; on applying the ear to the windpipe a rushing sound of air is heard; at the base of the lungs a loud sound may be distinguished but still further back, on account of the inhltration or consolidation of the lung tissue, no sound at all or.only a wheezing sound can be heard.

Several cases from the author's personal experience were cited in illustration. An exploratory incision with a view to decisive operation in case of propriety in this instance had to be closed and the operation abandoned upon finding extensive adhesions of the tumor to the viscera and the sheaths of the abdominal aorta and descending cava.

"You teach that drugs are harmful to man," the medical men said,"because you find them harmful to animals? But guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats are not men, and you have no right to conclude that because drugs are found to injure guinea pigs and dogs, they are therefore injurious to man, and that they should not be given for the cure of diseases in the human body. Patients may receive information from their record upon completion of an informed consent release form. The hghtness and strength of the scaffoldings made by the Chinese of bamboo poles, bound together by rattan, are often surprising to see; the scaffolding around a pagoda under repair is quite an astonishing piece of handicraft. The proximal fragment was fissured in a longitudinal direction, and for more than an inch was entirely denuded of periosteum.

No further cases occurred in the wards disinfected in this manner.


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