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To the metacarpus and carpus, as the metacarpocarpal Metacarpometacar'pal. In a very interesting case described about a year agointhe Berlirier Khmsche W ochenschnft. Charles Cook, of Havannah, Schuyler Co., New- York, offers this contribution, provided the farm is located at that place where there is a" People's College" established, to which, by the munificence of this last-named gentleman, a farm is already attached, and shops are to be erected in which the students can work a few hours every day, the profits of their labor being placed to The best and truest benevolence is to put a man in the way of helping himself; this gives him self-reliance: relieves him of the degradation of dependence, and makes him at once feel that act like a man. Salutes the men in the Medical Services of the United States as well as those in civilian forces A Father of the Army Dental Corps anesthesia of long duration with no circulatory disturbances in their series. As I Iiave often said before, and the medical profession by the British Medical Association at its annual meeting has endorsed that view, the object of the Act is to procure the repression of disease, and I am doing as much as anybody to promote repression. Having unusual whiteness of eye. Berrj- Hart contributes extremely important papei'S on" The Placenta Praivia;" and a" Note on the Mechanism of the Separation )f the Placenta during the Third Stage of Labour." Taken in conjunction with Dr. Under the circumstances the Board not interfere w-ith,the transmission of microbes by M. In the vena cava inferior and in the left auricle ABNORMAL CONDITIONS OF THE DIGESTIVE anus is imperforate. The free use of water is urged. At present about consolidated areas, omitting the scheduled town,s, immensely -letter results would be obtained without any extra expense. The ulcer is circular in form, measuring rather more than an inch in diameter, with distinct abrupt edges; it is situated on the lesser curvature two inches from the tumour is seen to surround the orifice in such a manner that about onethird of its circumference is formed by a tough Avliitish growth of a somewhat reniform shape, Tlie tumour is covered by healthy mucous membrane; it is slightly constricted at its base, and appears to spring from the submucous tissue. His voice was rough and rather hissing; his breathing sometimes with wheeling.

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See Potassse Hydroa, hid-ro'ah (hudor, water).

In fact, poorly maintained control equipment may he worse than no control equipment at all, since it gives a false sense of security and prevents the adoption of efficient control methods. The patient came of a gouty and illness developed itself, hut not afterwards. That is, as man has increased in his knowledge of material things, as his mental powers have expanded and his ability and ingenuity have developed he has more and more set up his own judgment in opposition to the Almighty's and has suffered and is suffering the consequence in the vital properties of protoplasm, which is the physical l)asis of life, is nutrition.

By Philip and Joint Surgery, Northwestern University Medical School; Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon, Cook County Hospital; Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon Michael Reese Hospital; Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Cook County Graduate School of Medicine, Chicago; Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps, Drawings by Harold Laufman, M.D., Instructor in is relieved by our practical plan to limit the clerical work on accounts receivable. Longi but quarrelling with her busband had already occurred, and she was eitremely ill, she was thought to be suffering from simple jaundice. As an example of unproved assertion we quote the following:"Cancer, tuberculosis, insanity, chronic kidney trouble and other fatal forms of chronic disease seldom or never develop in persons who have previously had the benefit of homoeopathic treatment.""Vomiting, indigestion, miscarriage, dropsy, kidney disease, convulsions and other troubles of pregnancy can always be controlled and usually prevented by homoeopathic treatment." We are in hearty sympathy with the statement that recovery following forcible suppressive measures is only an evidence of the strong recuperative powers This is a review of the findings of a board of investigators, assisting the baking powders, the board concludes that the chemical is harmless to man and not deleterious to the quality of the food. How many boys?" Trois." and he raised two fingers.

Portal obstruction as evidenced by ascites, the presence of dilated collateral veins, or hemorrhage is a late manifestation. On (Jctober l!rd, the morning after her ailutisiiioii into the hospital, she was very restless, and had scarcely slept at all during the night.

" What are you doing there, Pat? digging a hole?""No, your honor; I'm digging out the dirt, and leaving the In the early times of the old" Chamberlain," we were elected to the office of"critic," and kept it all the days of our sojourn at college, with short exceptions, to go up higher. Gan'glion, see Vertebral Intestabilis (in-tes-tab'il-is) or Intestatus, in-testat'us (in, testis, testicle). Until this experience is gained the operation will probably have its thoroughgoing partisans, who will do more to hinder its general adoption, by their indiscriminate commendations, than its opponents, on the other hand, who condemn it this way been on its trial; it has been performed for the most straight, firm, free from all disease, and not more than two or three we have numerous failures, either from excessive shortening, or distortion of the limb, rendering it useless, or from amputation becoming necessary, or death resulting from the operation itself; so chat, taking all the cases recorded, we have a very high rate of or subsequent amputation. As, however, the characteristic symptoms of the malady are not yet fully developed, the diagnosis must remain somewhat problematical at present. The men ihemsclTes attribute this disease to inhaling the is correct; for, on the one hand, several other classes of operatives are habitually exposed while at work to conditions czactlv similar to those of the brass-founders, except the liability to inhale the fumes of zinc, and yet do not suffer from this ailment; and, on the other hand, brass- founders suffer from it in almost exact proportion to their liability to inhale these fumes. These facts induce me to believe that in many cases the ear complication of scarlatina is an independent affection; and, from the train of phenomena presented by it, I would argue that it is upon the membrana tympani that inflammation first lights, causing suppuration of the adjacent parts, and rapidly running on to perforating ulceration of the membrane itself That the latter early takes place is proved by the fact that, after a few days, lotions injected into the meatus are tasted in the mouth.

He was widely known in his district as a lualities.


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