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Especially important is disinfection of the bed-linen and the body-linen, and any other articles of clothing used by the patient, as well as his napkins and handkerchiefs. Sur la composition des sucres bruts. An intelligent comprehension of the subject would, therefore, indicate that the first step in needed reform is State regulation of marriage with a view to the arrest of descent of crime by hereditary transmission of the tendency.

The diarrhoea of debility has been often relieved by the same means. Licensing the houses has proved a failure as far as decreasing gonorrheal disease is concerned. Life prospects are too uncertain in cases of myocardial degeneration giving rise to symptoms of inadequacy.

It is intended for extreme cases in which the palpebral slit is excessively shortened, and the conjunctiva very much shrunken, and consists of a free canthoplasty with the introduction of a flap The next paper is On Sympathetic Neuro-retinitis, by Dr. "There is now also attending at the latter Hospital, under his care, a case of hemiplegia in a woman, forty years of age, who has the peculiar retinal degeneration alluded to and albuminous urine; and, although her sight is stUl good, and although, except for the hemiplegia, she would be said to be, speaking popularlv, healthy, she must be considered to be in constant danger of ftirther rupture in some other part, perhaps more important than the one lesion of which now produces the hemiplegia.

During the progress of the vaccine afiTection, vesicles, having the distinctive characters of cow-pox, have sometimes been observed on other parts of the body. Before being thrown into the water-closet, thorough disinfection, preferably with milk of lime, should be practised. In another experiment, he informs'us that an inch in circumference.

No return of the swelling was observed for four months, but it then began to increase again; and at the end of eight months was fully as large as before.

Les inspecteurs de la verification des deces sur la. The change in direction was confined to the lower fragment.

Attempts to close the fistula have ordinarily failed.

Discutient unguents over submaxillary glands, and the cold pack are required.

They are most frequent in patients whose vital power- have been sapped by want or chronic disease, and in those who have suffered from a severe form of typhus fever. "The arc is now placed horizontally inward, the test object is moved back again to the extremity of the arc, a fresh word is exposed, and the observation is repeated.

He then proceeds to consider the motives which are to influence young gentlemen in the choice of a profession, and considerable length. "When he presented himself at the Hospital in October, he was suffering from a severe attack of acute bronchitis, attended soon afterwards by anasaica.

No honest calculation could have produced those figures, unless there is fearful extravagance in the management of the College. Not once during the period of the retentive treatment must "buy amoxicillin 500mg uk" the paralyzed limbs be put on the stretch.

He was in doubt whether to regard it as a reflex inflammation, or as a consequence of A.SIMPLE MEANS OF INFLATING THE TYMPAXUM IX SOME FORMS OF DEAFNESS.

The theory of" spasms of vessels or altered molecular states of nerve tissue" is insufficient to explain the chorea in these cases. By Charles The Practitioner's Reference Book. This suppression of this last visit, and her menses appeared.

Like most writers on the subject, he has assigned its origin to the publication of the Caroline Code by Charles V.


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