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The chief veterinarian shall, under the direction of the commissioner of agriculture, have general charge of the enforcement of the prolusions of this article, and shall collect and disseminate through farmers' institutes or othencise, as the commissioner mav direct, information and statistics in relation to the diseases of domestic animals, the proper care and sanitation of stables and other buildings used for the stabling of farm animals for the purpose of preventing the existence and spread of infectious and contagious diseases, the methods of feeding, the methods of improving the breed or milking qualities of cattle, and such other matters as the commissioner may direct.

Their nuclei were frequently lobulated and in the early cases these leukocytes were in active mitosis.

The study of cancer genetics may provide clinical investigators with insight into human clinical models which might be only to geneticists and cytogeneticists, but because of its frequent association with cancer, particularly breast cancer, it should be of interest to oncologists as well. That meeting, held in early December, was to be solely with the board members, but again there was a large gathering. With the possible exception of two cases no pathogenic organisms were found. Such a facility should be accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals or licensed by the state.

They fawn upon you without seeming to appreciate the notice you give them in return; pushing their heads against your person, or oscillating with a strange pantomime of fear. This quickly subsided without treatment and gave no further trouble. The animal rubs and licks itself, causing- abrasion of the skin from which an exudate is poured out which cries and fonns a crnst. Landoll's Plate,To Facilitate The Nos. The pharyngeal muscles, those of the larynx and the oesophagus are probably involved. Upon the subject of poisoning by chromate of lead. Its disagreeable odor was objected to by many, and its unreliability was not of unfrequent occurrence. Ellis did full justice to his subject," Professional Ethics," which was very instructive and entertaining, and was followed Life as a Teacher." which was much appreciated by members of the faculty and enjoyed by all. Again, touch the cortex, a strong electric current w-as required, and no response was obtained in the area assigned to the thumb in the ascending frontal convolution. Presumably a superinfection can be detected postvaccination if at the time the superinfection is suspected, a regular tuberculin test is applied and the reaction shows an increase in induration b. The same concentration or abstraction ot iust described might and sometimes does bring about such muscular action. For example, many hospital records are destroyed after a certain number of years, thus erasing forever the very type of information which the human cancer geneticist requires for his studies. And, I question what would remain of value in this society which would justify its continuance.

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The cup system of public drinking fountains for water should be replaced by the system that is now used at the public schools, for they are ideal in construction, it being practically impossible to contract disease from them. It was a good honest word at first, but it too often appears now at the very end of the record, where it does not belong, and if the diagnostician has not guessed right, well, it was just an Impression. Alicroscopically, there is first a hyperemia of the tissues, followed by small ecchymoses. They believe that it is the lactic acid in the protein milk that lactose than protein milk.


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