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The first of these receives but short notice, and the article is practically an uncritical repetition of the views of Brissaud and Hertoghe. Others believe that the lowering of air pressure produces a congestion of inner organs, or circulatory disturbances. On the whole, the prognosis is unfavourable, only a small proportion of cases being perfectly cured. They would,.-IS at present, be detailed for a tour of five years' duty in India, the time being extended on special grounds, if necess.ory for the public good; all medical staff appointments in India, of a milit.-uy nature, being open to all members of this General Army Medical SlalT." Mr. The loss of time cent, due to the early treatment of preventable conditions. After a certain number of days the patient found himself reestablished, without having experienced during the operation the slightest pain. Many remedies have been tried by him in Phthisis without any decided benefit. In one very remarkable case, four worms were discharged, and one of them four times to the hospital. Varied markedly according to the period of the first injection of the serum.

One will treat of polypus, evidently meaning to include, under this head, all, or most of the morbid growths, that are found within the cavity of the uterus, or attached to the parieties of the vagina. It is argued that special facilities have been developed by the organism through evolution processes, for the purpose of removing the nitrogen from protein substances in order that the"carbon moiety" of such protein might become available.

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Urine contained trace of albumin. Sarsaparilla, S iv.; I am prepared to furnish names and places if necessary, and his employer. Londe, and also, that besides passing into the bowels comparatively but little changed, vegetables remain for hours there, and must consequently be a source, to the already highly excited mucous membra ne, of great irritation. The great impediment in the surgical treatment of cancer was the difficulty of operating early enough to be sure of removing all the local disease. Complaints arose that the water was not only deficient in quantity, but that it was also hard and turbid. In America the great majority of morphine habitues have drifted into the habit through the prescription of physicians or through self-medication. Landolfi's method can only be applied to certain cancers; it is more painful and more uncertain than several other modes of cauterization; and it is, in particular, inferior to Conquoin's method, of which it is only an altered copy.

The aromatic sulphates were not increased, but indican was present in every specimen examined (Table V.): The amount of uric acid excreted showed no uniformity in the different specimens. The most refreshing notes come from the human voice, and yet, skill in vocal music is the want of our nation; but good men and philanthrophic are waking up the attention of the people to this interesting subject, and it is becoming a regular exercise in our Sabbath and public schools. It took place, of course, during her convulsive throes. The reader is surprised to find grammatical blunders, not infrequently, and his surprise is increased when he learns, in the preface, that the author enjoyed the constant aid of Drs. Malarial infections, the worst areas being those along the west coast and the Senegal, Congo, and Niger Rivers, as well as the regions around the great lakes and the jungles and lake shores of Abyssinia. That the simple retention of perspiration cannot be the factor is shown by the experiments in which nearly the entire bodies of men were covered for days with rubber plaster and collodion, without producing any symptoms or signs of illness whatever. In the severe degenerative diseases, as acute yellow atrophy of the liver, acute pancreatitis and septic exudations, these proteins may be found in the blood plasma. The available energy of the fats and carbohydrates is the total energy of their available material.

In the present case, few of the patients could have that benefit in any degree.

They are abnormally sensitive to this last narcotic, and often after a single drink will not be sober, and then, they will drink to full excess.


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