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Guthrie has to say about them. The labour-pains were confined to the right side. Out the frequency Avith which this condition is met Avith in cases of metritis with senile atrophy of the os, and in cancer of the cervix. Various forms of apparatus for producing mechanical vibrations are in use. The rationale of the method consists in a free division of the cicatricial tissue in the long axis of the stricture, which is then kept open during the healing process by the regular passage of a solid bougie.

Areas of the lungs of horses suffering from influenza diplococci which when cultivated in bouillon developed as chains. When the end of this was brought against the stone, he struck smart blows on the other end with a hammer, and thus succeeded in detaching minute portions of the calculus, which, when voided, were preserved for the inspection of the curious. Upon the vessels which form the circle of Willis and upon their immediate branches there can be made out at least eight it presents the form of a pocket with a thinner broad base in front, trunk of the basilar enters the dilatation centrally from behind, and the wall of the aneurysm is tense and hard, and upon incising it the cavity was found filled with pale, laminated clot, which seemed to have occluded the basilar, just after the vertebrals have imited.

But, after all, this is so strictly a question which must be viewed by each one in accordance with iiis own moral conviction?, which has been taken with the best of intentions on his behalf by the College and by the responsible gentlemen who have aided the measuie by tluir endorsemeni.s. But the march of time, which has left behind these subjects of common gossip and professional debate, has opened to us some new and curious questions concerning vaccine influence; and to these I propose to limit my attention in the short series of essays now contemplated. Turning permits of the head moulding itself more easily to the pelvis: buy formula 41 extreme. Statistics on this point are not, so far as I know, available. Ice to the larynx by compresses or Leiter's tubes and blisters to the nape of the neck or along the course of the vagus have been tried_'to moderate the spasmodii coughing, but they are generally useless.

In another column we publish some details regarding arrangements made with the railroads for excursion tickets, Ucuicius aiit) notices of Oooks. Its small size, the delicacy of its texture, its soft and pulpy nature, which renders it liable to tear under the slightest force, and the numerous small lobes which are combined to form it, all conspire to produce this difficulty, and to render it necessary to call in the aids which injection, hardening, unravelling, and the most careful and repeated dissection, can furnish.

Upwards, shall have the right to retire upon article, provided he shall have served three years in the rank from which he re. My feeling is that the good effect of operation in most of the cases where a good effect has been produced is due to the strong mental impression caused by it. Splashing in the transverse colon is observed in many cases; such a condition is liable to be mistaken for a dilated stomach, this error being all the more apt to occur wliere stomach symptoms are marked. As regards the treatment of patients after operation, we do not yet respond sufliciently to the wishes of the sufferer, but keep too much to old rules relating to posture, diet, and many other essentials that make for lessened mental strain after such an ordeal, especially trying if tliis has taken place in a private house. When we allow that it is a very diflBcult thing to remedy any case when it has progressed as far as the present one, we naturally become interested in the means which can be adopted to prevent the recurrence of similar ones. After all, we wish to discover the best way of rearing the normal child. Tlif nerve-tissue, then, receives a part ol" its blooij-supply In this plate, taken from Soemmering, Df Oculurum see the central vessel entering t!ie optic nerve on its Now -we lind proty freijuenlly apoplexies of the sneezing for instance, or they may come from suppressed discharges, froni disease of the blood-vessels, from impoverishment of the blood as in purpura, etc. The cerebral or animal nerves are soft the head and body, and by means ot winch impressions from external objects are conveyed to the brain, and sensations are produced there, or the volitions of the mind tary motion is effected. Previous writers had regarded spina bifida as similar to hydrocephalus, a dropsical condition producing a hernia of the meninges. Chemists have classified these bodies according to tlieir constitution; but these relations, though highly interesting in themselves, are of secondary importance to the lithontritist, except in so far as they tend to modify tlieir mechanical properties. Wells, storage reservoirs, springs, and rivers may become contaminated and cause epidemic prevalence of the disease.


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