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This, as is pointed out, is not to be taken as an indication of the number of books published.

Two years ago scarlet fever, since which heart was affected.

The structure was in other respects quite normal. John Sundwall became professor of was elected to the deanship of the medical The School of Public Health was established school has become the largest from the standpoint of numbers of students of any school of public health in the United States. Several dozen serums have been introduced, and had their series of wonderful cures since Kocher put the surgical treatment of goiter on a sound basis over fifteen years ago. On attempting to find the peritoneal cavity the tumour, unfortunately, rpptured, and from it flowed about a gallon and a half of tlie greatly curtailed peritoneal sac I found the small intestine everywhere incorporated with the sac of the onginaltnmour. No one man in the physician; the question is no longer asked in the singular; if it is, it is always answered in the plural. When you find a gradual subsidence of the swelling, I think you may be pretty sure that, even though the other symptoms exhibit little or no improvement, the hepatitis is on the decline, and will soon be removed entirely. The warm bath, and the assafcetida injection up the rectum, were found eminently conducive to the tranquillity of the system. On the other hand,"liquid and unsystematized attempts at dieting add fuel to the trouble, and prolong General Convulsions in Early Infancy Induced by the Taking of Food, and their Bearing upon Pyloric Ob- in the face, then to jerk his limbs in Smith, London, The British Medical filled, he ceased to breathe, his com iar fact that in early life convulsions then he stretched himself out with a of reflex origin and often of little mo- slate-blue face, and lay quite still, ment may arise from trifling irritation An attempt was made to re-establish acting upon the periphery of nerves respiration, but without any success; in various parts of the body. The foregoing methods determine Benoist's method for the measure- quality of radiation only but are ment of penetration consists in com- not quantitative. In one of and vomiting, gastritis and cirrhosis could obtain no history whatever, and in the remaining one of the three present in these three cases. Bristow misunderstood him in saying that gall-stones do not originate outside the gall-bladder. A surgeon, desirous of seeing a new work in any special department of surgery, could only do so by purchasing the book outright and taking hia chance as to the contents being to his liking. As a rule these animals are purchased as infants or juveniles and mature after intervals that depend upon the species and age on arrival in the zoo. These measures restrained the flow of blood, and hoping that further attendance was was hastily summoned to her by her husband, who thought her to be rapidly sinking. We note that he commences his chapter on hysteria by remarking that it is" a most fascinating disease," and undoubtedly it is a fascination to discover that a patient believed to be suffering with serious organic disease merely requires strong personal suggestion to effect a speedy cure. There was but little fluid, no emphysema; bronchi pale. After a few days' illness a yellow tinge would first appear on the forehead, soon spreading over the face and followed by the blistering of erysipelas. Our British Medical Association is quite able and I believe willing to undertake the organization of a Ministry of Health, and no more important meeting could ever be held than a three days" session in London All this bears out the importance of medical men taking a greater interest in national affairs, as you have so frequently and forcefully pointed out. Time alone can settle whether it is worth doing, whether the end result is a comfortable limb or not. Believing that the disease was a local affection with a constitutional expression.

The nails of the fingers are not changed. She was pleased that the fates, through the instrumentality of a mortal disease, would soon enable her to reap a well-earned reward, which a had justly entitled her. The practical experience which Mrs. The frequency with which pulmonary infarction was observed at autopsy is one of the many evidences of this. The cases may be arranged into two classes, the first of which is dependent on a habitual dyscrasia, using this word in its widest tion in the urinary passages, and the real occurrence of which is said to have been proved by the experiments of Lupine and Roux. Von The patient is given liquid food, and a Leyden of Berlin. It would have been exceedingly easy to have sutured it, had it been the seat of bleeding. Spleen very large, hard, and lifm. The Curator, further, prepared an exhibit of printed materials on Water Pollution, as an adjunct to the College's forum on that subject; and an exhibit based on William Gibson's book"Young Endeavour; Contributions to Science by Medical Students of the Past Four Centuries," this last endeavor originating in a similar exhibit which had been prepared at the Yale Historical Medical Library by Miss Madeline E.


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