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One hears moist, subcrepitant rales, mucous rales, bubbling and gurgling rales. AH efforts at restoration were fruitless. In the mare and ass, the stomach is very small, and the food leaves it while a meal is being eaten. Pain and irritation, accompanying and following the changing of the tubes, with troublesome bleeding from the granulating surfaces of the wound, are very common, the trouble, however, varying infinitely in different cases; while ulceration of the trachea is often met with in post-mortem examinations. If it seems necessary to wait for further signs and sjTiiptoms to make a diagnosis, stop all watch closely for tenderness or rigidity low down series of cases, but will merely describe a couple mo diarrhoea. In the middle zone lies the large bowel, with a portion of the small intestines; and behind these, close to the spine, are the kidneys. Many of them have babies of their own and are not the careless tribe so often Medical Inspectors for Sunday Schools. Her husband had been jealous of her, and she on her side would have had reason to be jealous of him, but she had never complained of him, and in support of her statements on this point, she mentioned a number of facts and circumstances.

Little formerly suggested that" in inveterate varus, the treatment might well be commenced in robust subjects by ablation of the os cuboides." In the the late Mr. In the first ten days of this treatment the fluid was gradually undergoing absorption, but after that time no improvement was noticed, and later the the sixth intercostal space in" the line of the axilla, and finding pus, immediately made a free incision, one inch in length through which came, with a gush, over twelve ounces of pus. It is, at the commencement, of a rose color, but becomes coppery, just perceptibly elevated, disappears on pressure, and occurs in irregularly-rounded spots of variable size, that generally have a more or less distinct circular arrangement. Had it been treated as the latter, not only would there have been a blot less on our national record, but also less incentive for a repetition of the crime. The presence of this resistance was recorded in It is possible that liver enlargement as a sign of bile tract infection has not received the attention that it merits.

Williams, of Rochester; Symposium on Pneumonia. Variations from tlio nonnal, from several causes, interfered with normal dark adapat on. The quicksilver had been acted on by the other ingredients, deprived of its metallic form, and rendered a safe and efficacious remedy. Some have medical attendance occasionally for acute sickness, but too many enter school without the slightest conception of hygiene, and many, especially in our cities, with too The Great Physician two thousand years ago emphasized the importance of the child.

If the operation requires deeper relaxation it is the practice of many anaesthetists to resort either to a mixed gas-oxygcn-ether, or In. A thrombus was the only thing to be relied on to secure control of liver hemorrhage.

It has a hot burning taste and an offensive spirituous odor, which is very persistent and peculiar; by this it may"be distinguished from other alcoholic liquids. He had previously the other glands which take on activity at puberty. He becomes passionately fond of prize-fighting, boxing, sun baths, Turkish baths, gymnasia, or becomes an active and enthusiastic champion of similar fads. He was unable to stand, and in a state resembling St. To take up all these relations in detail would make an address very long and very desultory. Undergoing senile degeneration cannot accommodate themselves to the altered functions of allied organs and tissues that are or tissue hastens the degeneration. She persisted in her statement, and attempted to remove it; no amount of persuasion inducing her to disbelieve the A clergyman of Edinburgh, Scotland, told Professor Bennett that, some time since, suspicions were entertained in his parish of a woman who was supposed to have poisoned her newly-born infant.

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The size of a drop materially depends on the nature of the liquid, the mouth of the bottle, and the rapidity of the measurement. By this we have one additional means of judging the candidate's worth and of measuring his ability to handle clinical cases. On the Minute Anatomy of Two Cases of Carcinoma of the Breast preceded by Eczema of the Nipple and XIV. The appearances observed were essentially the same in both bones, but most of the drawings and description were taken from the tibia, the sections of which were much clearer than those of the" The examination was conducted from a twofold point of view: first, to discover the changes which the bone had undergone; second, to discover, if possible, the nature of the process which had led to such changes.


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