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In a case of chronic lymphatic leucemia, benzol without roentgen assistance restored the white count to normal.

.Similar case in in whom there was, besides, extreme dyspnoea, cyanosis, and exhaustion on exertion. The serum was given in four cases, commencing on the eighth, third, fifth, and second day of the disease, respectively, reckoning from the first given subcutaneously about the chest.

External heat should be applied and stimulants administered by the mouth, the gold are not as much in favor as formerly. Few instances it was present during the whole of the patient's stay in hospital. It outlines the inflammatory exudations at the site of It is surprising how little has been written on this subject of the X-ray appearances in early Pott's disease. As to night emissions, if you can find the physical and mental cause for them you can usually cure speedily and without much medicine. After an acute or subacute attack some time elapses before the large number of cell-elements are disintegrated or absorbed.

Buttermilk contains less fatty matter than skimmed milk, and is a pleasant substitute for it. We have seen that supposed renal cases end in acidosis, and the diagnosis must be more or less in doubt. In regard to the double pneumonia, one wonders to what extent it was hypostatic. The term"strangulated" is applied to an irreducible hernia in which the loop of bowel is so constricted as to prevent the passage of ffecal contents and to interfere Avith the circulation. It is a curious circumstance that an eruption of urticaria is reported to have appeared in one subject in whom a rupture of the sac into the peritoneal cavity is supposed to have occurred. These usually lasted from half an hour to forty-five minutes. The application of cold to the mastoid is safe provided the patient has pain and it is not kept on too long a time. Some patients complain of pain and refer it to the right costal margin, others to the epigastrium, and associated there with pain also in the lower to pressure, and if the condition is acute, there is right costal margin, but also over this area. Haeckel and Buhl found concretions of meconium in a new-born child, which become superimposed in successive layers.

The authors do not speak enthusiastically of the ultimate lesults from a cure obtained by the hygienic and dietetic treatment in sanatoria and come to the conclusion that only by a combination of a sanatorium and specific treatment can results worth the while be obtained. Are they really the educated, self-respecting and industrious who have learned to use their hands and brains in making an honest livelihood, or, do they come from the class who are shiftless, lazy and illiterate?"In my own community in Alabama, we maintain cases which came within the jurisdiction of the local magistrate and were of a comparatively trivial nature. The pupil is usuallj- still dilated next a thinner membrane must be obvious to anyone who has used them. The saliva no doubt sometimes possesses "canadian flagyl 750mg purchase" a feeble diastatic power, although abundant in amount. There are certain principles, founded on the knowledge derived from pathological study and from tlie experience of the past in the treatment of intestinal catarrh, which guide us to a treatment which is more or less Rest is essential to the cure of the inflamed intestine, but absolute fluids, transuded serum, bile, intestinal juices, and partly-altered food is hurtful. Usually observe the compressed, ribbon-like stools that are seen in rectal cancer.


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