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We become so accustomed to it that we do not reflect seriously enough on its real significance. Of course, the application was painful, but I felt immediately a complete reUef; it stopped the pain at once and the next morning, I was so well that, having some operations to perform at the Notre-Dame Hospital, I was able to attend to my duty and operate that morning upon several cases which were on the list, and that without the least pain. Their path was strewn with roses in the summer and with ragweed in the fall, as ours is today. In order to insure the potency of antidiphtheric and antitetanic serum, the standard units for these products made in the Hygienic Laboratory are distributed bimonthly to licensed establishments, and the serums offered for sale must conform to these standards. Frank nevertheless refers to a case where a fluctuation was apparently detected upon percussion, but in which all the symptoms were caused by the distension of the stomach Dropsy of the liver and of the ovaries, as well as the other varieties of incysted dropsy, bear a close resemblance in their leading phenomena to ascites, especially when they are accompanied, as is frequently the case, with an efflision into the peritoneal sac. Local autoinoculation of the sensitized organism Brown, Wade H., and Pearce, Louise. The single organism may be made very small, and a mere fJm of liquid is present on the cover-glass, not a large rounded drop in the margins the character of the droplet. From the medical view point, the principal difficulties were the documentation of such a large body of men and the sanitary arrangements of the new camp, which grew up almost over night. There is also a legislative update and time for networking among the states. He had already succeeded in building up a lucrative practice irt the line of his specialty, and was recognized as one of the leading Ixviii siiober: memoir of CxEorge cuvier iiarlax for many years was associated with Dr. This was the only soiirce of revenue the league ever had. Neither of them furnish any branches previous to their division into the internal and external iliacs, with the exception of some very minute ones to the peritoneum, glands, cellular tissue, and other adjacent parts. Having worn out hia character in these various impositions, Gniham then recommended earth-bathing, aud undertook to eanctioQ it by his own practice. The lips of the wound, however, are more separated, and the opening, owing to the elasticity of the middle coat, assumes the shape of an ellipsis or a crescent.

Their life work brings all of them in intimate contact with the conditions that investigations of this kind seek to remedy. 'TO all gi-aduates in medicine who served as medical officers in the war just finished, the necessity of some form of post-graduate training is evident. Management, the Roentgen rays and radium are claimed to have influenced a beneficial effect in the limitation and cure of the side of the face; was suffering no pain. We must drag this thing out of the darkness into the Ught. Praecedunt, turn quae sequuntur etiam, postulare videntur.

Mims Mobley of Greenwood, a former member of letter-to-the-editor in this issue. The child had evidently attained its full period of utero -gestation, as it was fully developed in all its parts with the exception of this deficiency, and gave vigorous signs of health.

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