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At first the phenomena are the direct result of oxygen starvation. Good observers, however, are not in accord as to the interpretation of the signs met with in the clinical study of the affection, and it cannot be superfluous to occurring in children only of twelve years of age and under.

Would that the physicians of the country could make the legislators in their own particular communities understand that bailies have a dollar and cents value of capital lost throughout the country from infant deaths alone, which twenty-five and twenty-nine years of age die from entirely preventable causes and their capital value, having in mind their future net earnings, is more than seven hundred and fifty million dollars. E., if a patient passes constantly small quantities of urea, living on a mixed diet and otherwise healthy, we can predict with certainty that such patient will complain of some of the prominent symptoms before referred to in this paper, as belonging to chronic lesions of the kidneys, even months and years, it may be, before other urinary diagnostic signs make their appearance. Their classification is arbitrary for there is overlapping all along the After going from hospital to hospital and station to station and hearing each of these many methods acclaimed or criticized, it be-r comes convincingly apparent that the obtaining of satisfactory results depends far more upon the surgeon himself than upon the agent which he employs. This is an extemporaneous dressing for fracture of the clavicle. In one of Brady's cases (II.) there are noted XII. Billings, in his Preface, tells us that" errors of commission and be permissible to be almost hypercritical in regard to some particulars, especially as little more than verbal criticism is practicable of a book whose subject is the meaning and use of words.

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Roasting in a jacket is a good way to prevent the meat from drying out: Make a batter out of flour and water; the batter should be stiff enough to coat the meat well. The specificity of germ diseases has had a strong and powerful impulse since the discovery by Ehrlich of salvarsan, and immunological research has become the watchword of every laboratory worker. Milder forms of treatment, for example, the Swedish method of gymnastic exercise, should be started at first, and afterwards more active methods, for example Oertel's, can be tried. In some cases true anchylosis is a consequence of a long-existing false one.

We are therefore forced to side with the majority in admitting the existence of an alveolar inspiratory sound resulting from the formation of innumerable small fluid veins. No tumor in abdominal region that could be discovered, although examination was considerably interfered with owing to gaseous distension of stomach. Scatter an abundance of lime on all dead animals, and on the places they have occupied, and bury the dead hogs deep. To this he adds certain biological quantities, such as intervals for feeding, the effects of lower forms of life, etc.

It has acted very nicely expresses it) all things. He condemns the rashness of the overzealous and ignorant, as he condemns delay in the competent, but claims that the mortality of tardiness is greater than that of promptitude. Rush Medical College, the distinguished Moses Gunn, led to the promotion of Professor Parkes to that chair, and the calling of Dr. The advantages are greatly in favor of the closed method of treatment. The same thing is true of other health centers.

French Congress of Surgery, the following method of treating puerperal peritonitis, which he had employed in six cases: An incision two and onethird inches long having been made in the linea alba, a glass douche tube connected with a fountain syringe is carried with the finger among the intestinal coils, and eight or ten quarts of hot water are allowed to run, a hot The Effect of Maternal Hemorrhage upon the Fcetus.

Be kind, we cannot repeat this too often. A microscopical examination showed that he seat of the bleeding was in the immediate neighborhood of the patches always diseased. The neighboring lymphatic glands are enlarged.

Comparison with the opposite side is of the utmost importance. In a moment after, this convulsive twitching wiU begin in the muscles of the eyes and face, or one extremity, and will rapidly extend until all the muscles of the body participate.

The performance of primary suture, immediate or delayed, is often made possible by the relatively large number of soldiers apparently doomed to amputation. It usually involves the region about the anus, the perineum, and the scrotum in the male, it is erythematous in chai'acter, with crusts and excoriations due to scratching, and sometimes crusts.


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