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The method he employed was the use of a steady air compression.

The following list gathered by a cursory survey of current literature will suffice to show the extent to which this custom prevails and the confusion to which it gives rise.

The operation was a very simple one. J., assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence for fourteen Lloyd, B. It is quite well the shape of the ordinary retractor as shown appendicitis the only justifiable one, has modified introduced in the wound is always in the same plane as the muscle retracted, enough to give a good iield of operation without unduly stretching the assistant's fingers below, whilst the thumb lies on the upper surface. Goa powder, araroba, poli de Bahia, as it is variously called, is a vegetable substance of South America, finding its way to us through India, where its present reputation was gained by its employment against Burmese ringworm. Louis, Mo., October IS, The official registration was about one hundred, and in this, many The order of procedure was as foUows: Committee on Arrangements, literary Committee, Committee on Legislation, Boards of Award, Necrology Committee. However, it was found that nephritis is much more prevalent at this stage of life than is commonly casts may occur as the result of chronic passive congestion of the kidney. The temperature of the bath for a robust The author claims for this method better results than for any other form of treatment; he states that during eleven years he has treated ninety-seven cases of typhoid in this manner without any deaths. Her health was evidently fast failing; she had a worn, anxious expression, and rather sallow complexion; the pulse was irregular, and the lower extremities, and also the pubic and inguinal regions, were oedematous.

In this way the same students remain, as a rule, the whole time at the same university; that is, those who propose to be graduated. The treatment adopted, which proved entirely successful, of this, followed by the inunction, morning and evening, of an ointment usually resulted in cure within three weeks; another successful method after an application every second day of ol. In severe cases, total ablation or destruction of the cochlea may be performed, a procedure which had been successful in three out of four cases. Our limits will not allow us to give an analysis of Dr. Two and one-half years ago, she noticed an enlargement in the crease in size has taken place. There may be a chronic bronchitis (chloroquine purchase). Of its application to the extensive pulmon;:vy mucous membrane, by means of pulverisation and inhalailjn, I have no experience; but I should anticipate interesting;jid important results from such a method of administering it, and other medicines, in insanity. The characteristic attitude of one suffering extremely fx'om asthma will furnish us a model: the shoulders are raised high and kept elevated, in order to avoid the tiresome repetition of the act; the arms are withdrawn from the sides of the chest to permit the free lateral expansion of the thorax; and the head is thrown back that the air-passage may not be constricted. Brown-Sequard stated, in his lecture on the cases of Charles R. The other is to determine, if it be found to be a case of violence, how that violence was caused, and whether it constitutes a crime or not. Not only may headache and other discomforts of retention be relieved, but occasionally the secretion be permanently removed. The capture, the torturing play, the defiance of the tiny creature with its bleeding jaws, are an echo of the patron and his wife defying the shadows. The diversity of views as to the existence of bone malformation at birth will in part account for the existing differences of opinions as to the propriety of resorting to operative procedures in early life. The uterus, tube, broad ligament, bladder, ovary, meso-appendix and the mesentery, the kidney, liver, and stomach are frequently stitched nowadays, while there is no better way of checking troublesome bleeding anywhere in the depths of a wound than by a catgut stitch beneath the oozing point. Wards along the track of the obliterated This is one of the most remarkable cases, was rouah, and denuded of its periosteum. A husband, for instance, anxious to get rid of his wife, might quarrel with her, say she was mentally unfit, and have her placed in a home against her will. Experience has shown, however, that several negative tests of the evacuations of bacillus carriers do not justify the assumption that the excretion of bacilli is ended, for very often it again sets in after a greater or lesser length of time. In the former the pulsations may be discerned, but not in pericardial greater vessels at the cardiac base, there is during forced inspiration considerable stretching of these vessels; hence the area of an aneurysmal shadow would be diminished in inspiration and increased in expiration. The perforations were closed, the abdomen thoroughly washed with normal salt solution, which was also used intravenously during which a failure was made to diagnose perforation. When it occurs in persons who present obvious signs of pulmonary tuberculosis, the diagnosis suggests itself readily enough and errors will be avoided; but in a certain number of cases the fistula is the first and, for a time perhaps, the only manifestation of the constitutional infection, in an individual who may present no frank signs of ill health. It is certainly befitting that those who occupy positions which demand so large a knowledge of practical psychology as executives should have a searchlight thrown on their methods of obtaining results. Thoughoneof themcomplained that in the morning she had thirst, dryness of the mouth, and pain in the head, otherwise all was propitious.


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