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She immediately became very sick, and was soon attacked with incessant vomiting and purging, pain in the belly, rigor, and extreme feebleness; and several days elapsed before she could return to her work. Actual thermo REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF TPIE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

Passing, then, to the consideration of hereditary syphilis, he sketches in a general way its course, and alludes to its more prominent features.

When we are enabled to make it, rectal exploration Though these remarks have been ixtended far beyond my original limit, I cannot close them without an allusion to the literature of the operation for the relief of these, and which has saved so many fioni In my own mind there is not a question as to whom to our notice and popularizing the same, and il was he also, as far as W(; Mxc been able to ascertain after The first published account of this operation that v.c have been able to find, is a case relati d by Mr. There was dulness on percussion all over the abdomen except in the right hypochondriac region, which was resonant. The Romans, so illustrious in arms and wisdom, were formed from the Etrurian, or Turanian, and Celtic races, which created the Eoman civilisation and that of the did not attain their intellectual greatness. In most cases the naso-pharyngeal mucous membrane is also congested and more or less covered with secretion similar to that in the nose, but generally less watery in character. The testimony had been from men of such high standing that the results could no longer be questioned by any sane mind. The doctor recommended the galvano-cautery, Iiut at the same time justified the use of the actual cautery by means of the hot needles or hot iron when no other apparatus can be obtained. The importance of regarding the mselvi'S as members of and above the baser eoiisidcnilioiis and tcinitntioiis of trade. The muscular connections of the tongue, the genio-hyo-glossus, etc., are severed, and the tongue is liable to drop back, close the epiglottis, and cause the death of the patient b) suffocation. The charge that small repairs of the"s private lioatsis explained by the fact that such smuggling was due to a subonlinate, who approveil said bills as tieing correct, anrl which Dr. Parrot prefers cows' milk, pure and undiluted, which he gives in regulated quantities.

Our membership numbers hundreds, and We have done some things which even we may call commendable.

She seemed to be getting worse, and I knew of no practice which experience has proved generally successful, or of no pathological light to direct me to the radical cure or relief of this most expectorants, and the datura stramonium, which was repeatedly smoked during the intervals of the paroxysms, all failing, which had given great relief in her previous attacks. In the large bones it lubricated, and rendered supple; as oil is applied taken by sucking, masticating, drinking, and licking. Jeuuer, who, being urged by the President of the Siieiety. Thinking is an art, the art of logic, and thinking is an expression of our total mental nature, which brings it under the domain of "clomiphene online uk" psychology.

That which is kept by the apothecary is tolerably pure; but there is a salt sometimes met with in commerce which contains an admixture of sulphate of iron, and with which the natural action of the tests for zinc is materially modified.

The late introduction of large doses of tartar-emetic into medical practice having excited some doubt as to its poisonous properties, it becomes a matter of some moment to possess positive facts on the subject. Tlie subsequent history of the case is related in a few words. That every court before which juvenile criminals are summoned should have present a competent psychologist to pass upon the mental status of the prisoner. Army, has received honorable discharge c Dr Sherril graduated from the Jef from the federal service and returned to ferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in has resumed the practice of his profes- failed and he went to Sanatorium. And place blankets both under and over him. Biddle says it may be recognized by the treated with a small quantity of ammonium hydrate and a trace of a solution of a hydrochlorite. The etiology in this case is unknown. In no instance was there any yellow tint perceptible in the brain or spinal cord. Mint's Physiology is at pages, uniform vvilh the previous numbers of the series.


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