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The physician is a social instrrunent. The loss of sensation was complete, and the paralysis of the fullest possible extent Here is a case where all cerebral influence was withdrawn from the left side, and yet the tone of the muscles still continued, and the knee-jerk was greatly increased. Arnold, Education of the, necessary to the Physician: Kiihn. Do the arteries, by their contraction, contribute to promote the motion of the blood begun by the heart? They cannot do it by the elasticity of the simple solid in their structure, and can do it only by their being indued with a muscular power, whereby they may, in their contraction, communicate to the moving blood more than was lost of the force of the heart in dilating them. A continued suture of fine silk catgut was applied around the whole circumference of the opening, both for the purpose of arresting hemorrhage and preventing bulging of the mucous membrane. Nursing Record concerning the touching conversion of some Burmese. Barbers and hair -dressers ought therefore to be very careful in cleansing the utensils THE WATER SUPPLY OF CHICAGO, ITS The extensions of the various tunnels within the last two years have undoubtedly secured for the city a water less liable to sewerage pollution than was formerly obtained. He attributed the recent-day triumphs of abdominal surgery to its greater boldness, which furnished more cases and therefore better statistics. The upbuilding of Howard and Meharry will profit the nation much more than the inadequate mainteniuice of a larger number of schools.

The sixth period extends from the time of Paracelsus to the middle of the seventeenth century, about which time the discovery of the circulation of the blood by Harvey came to be very generally understood and received over Europe. This steady drain had now reduced her from a healthy, robust looking girl to a Realizing at last that if the flow continued at the same rate a few days longer the girl would die of exhaustion, I asked After an examination as thorough as could be made without ether, we decided that the uterus was uniformly enlarged, but whether this was due to an excessive engorgement, or to some growth in the cavity, or to a rapidly growing intra-mural myoma could not be determined. " So I conclude, that a debility of the nervous power forms the beginning of the cold fit, and lays the foundation of XXXVI. I do not believe in a streptococci diphtheria as it is described by Prudden in the American bacillus in conjunction with streptococci. Tuberculous disease of the epididymis is much less uncommon, but this affection and tuberculosis of the prostate and vesiculae seminales come rather within the sphere of the surgeon (combivent without an rx). The yellow substance which Schober used is a fair sample of the orpiment of commerce, and contains, as that substance usually does, a considerable proportion of free arsenious acid." At the recent meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, a paper was read by Mr. It is proi)cr, however, to remark, in DR.

I don't know who were her physicians; I don't know how long the treat ment had been carried out. The loss of sleep, fatigue, and excessive heat or cold, frequently enhance anodyne or the anaesthetic produce temporary unconsciousness. But the real responsibility, lying with the populace rather than with the individual, may well be seriously considered. The history of previous attacks, the mode of onset, the presence of pyrexia, the character of the adventitious sounds for instance, the presence of fine or medium bubbling rales, indicative of an affection of the smallest bronchi or of the alveoli, and particularly the condition of the bases of the lungs, are some of the points to be considered in determining such a question. Fioni twenty to thirty severe fits of convulsion during fifteen hours; insensible in the intervals; pulse the first attack, and a dead child was soon expelled. Garrigues, at the section on Obstetrics and Gynecology of the New York preparation of papers as follows: passed with slight notice, as they have been dead for some time and their opinions are somewhat obsolete. Medicine is the only profession in which the name of the individual making a statement is regarded as a matter of delicacy. Because of the bad laying-out of the town originally. Case of contra-indication, with carbolized Dr. Meet your midwives by appointment and explain the work to them; they are willing and anxious to do if they Comment in the paper about the number who have to be notified to report. This would have been a proper case for pylorectomy had the patient's general condition warranted such an operation. " I explain myself; the cases are of two kinds: first, where the contents of the stomach and intestines are manifestly copious, there having been a retention or suppression of the alvine excretion for some time; and secondly, where we have reason to suspect that the contents are acrid, which we presume not only from a want of evacuations, but also from the symptoms of the stomach in the fevers called Bilious, from their being attended with an increased effusion of bile. The Committee on Tuberculosis Control has made various recommendations to the Council and to the House of Delegates from time to time, to assist in the eradication of tuberculosis throughout the to all county society secretaries asking that a Committee on Tuberculosis be appointed at the county level. These symptoms last from three days to two weeks, after which a period of quiescence supervenes and no advance of the disease is seen.


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