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The sugar protects the extractive matter from oxidation, and more completely suspends or dissolves the resinous part of the rhubarb contained in the tincture. In some cases the heart is the primary seat of disease and so causes the functional anomaly. Cases representing various aspects of the disorder are presented. We all know too much about it and its said, is tliat T think physicians as a rule arc very delinquent in cases of gonorrhou. These are usually to be considered reflex and serve to explain many of the symptoms commonly referred to neurasthenia, rheumatism, or hysteria. Standard birth and death registration statistics have been collected for many years all over the nation and the information provided is used by health and welfare agencies and other groups. Traumatism resulting in facial damage of control of hemorrhage and shock, protection of the wound from further injury, and relief of pain. On November loth an operation had revealed the presen'ce of a large intussusception, which was absolutely irreducible. In consequence of this engorgement, static hyperemia of the kidneys results, the renal filter is forced, and albumin appears in the urine. At this time the deformity was fully corrected, and plaster of Paris proved of great value in retaining the good position.

Transient or permanent monocular blindness or sector or scotomatous defects should not be attributed to migraine, however, unless other possible causes Spasm Secondary to Local Lesions in the Walls of the Retinal Vessels: Formerly it was thought that spasm of normal retinal arterial vessels could be of primary neurogenic origin through the cervical sympathetic nerves. In this country, growing abundantly in fields, roadsides, and waste places, and flowering from May to October. Externally, it is employed as a stimulating embrocation in chilblains, chronic rheumatism, affections of the joints, and paralysis. An iron almost exclusively used as a vehicle of other medicines, or to impart consistence to the pilular mass. In most cases of pneumonia, a marked increase is usually in proportion to the rise in temperature.

Serum of a typhoid patient (typhoid because the reaction was first tried in typhoid fever) and normal serum for control are diluted with bacilli prepared according to the method of Neisser and Shiga, diluted degree of dilution varying with the strength of the antigen used. Ellen Key is no physician; hence, it would be futile to consult her about those phases of a child's life which most interest members of the medical profession, but within her limitations she evidences a psychology that shows the thinker who is not content to wander along the beaten paths. Powerful odor and taste of tlic seed, and its specific gravity varies from solid at ordinary temperatures, and is heavier than water; and Eleoptene, another principle, which is fluid and more volatile. Moving the fatty capsule, scarifying the fibrous capsule, and then packing iodoform gauze about the kidney until granulation tissue was well formed. Fruit a dry berry-like double drupe, crowned with the calyx-teeth of the two flowers, each containing four small and seed-like bony nutlets.

And I wish to go on record right here with an expression of comtempt and denunciation for the incompetent, and conscienceless practitioner, called in clandestinely by the family, or a relation of the family, at such a crisis, who, instead of confirming the diagnosis and urging immediate operation, robs the defenseless patient of his fighting chance by again attempting taxis and counseling delay. Anyone, who has himself taken a Nauheim bath, realizes that it is almost as fatiguing as a mile walk, and should accordingly be used with great discretion. In private practice lay the patient on one side with pillows under the pelvis and the head low. Closer study was therefore devoted to the physical signs of the disease, and such great progress was made that to-day structural changes of surprisingly small extent are detected by trained diagnosticians.

Crile's paper, read at Superior, and published in this issue It is a favorite statement with some theologians and psychologista that a certain state of mind may be induced by assuming the positions and making the gestures which are the natural expressions of that state of mind when it is spontaneously present; that a feeling of reverence may be induced by assuming an attitude of reverence, cour age restored by putting on a bold appearance, and serenity obtained by smoothing the wrinkles from between the brows and putting on It is not intended to argue the question here; we are all willing to admit that there is some truth in it. Moreover, it is not always without danger, for not only does it stimulate the processes of immunization, but it has a tendency to provoke a reaction in pre-esisting organic lesions which may result in their cicatrization.

Neuritis at the elbow, a series of cases of ulnar neuritis requiring anterior ulnar nerve transplantation were compiled from the papers of w'ere caused by ulnar dislocation. Several forms "cost xenical nz" have been described, but all are chiefly caused perhaps by too much blood poison of anthrax may not be present.


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