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In Great Britain the Celt (PL II) is the muscular, tawny gaint of history, the Kelt of English writers, the prehistoric man of the"round barrows," with a height exceeding that of the Northern type, which is noted for this feature, a cephalic index greater than that of any other, and very The Vistulian is Deniker's type of that name, so called from its apparent predominance along the Vistula Eiver. Cambridge, intending to enter the medical profession.

A report from the President and Vice-President of the Mr. Aniirjcn Wang was an extract prepai-cd after the method of for the former work.

He then proceeds to announce that, from loc;il observation, he is induced to take a very unfavourable view of the physical condition of the mass of the people, and is anxious to know whether his opinion is supported or contravened by the experience of others elsewhere. After the models are dry they may be painted in any way desired. Monument in honour of Cesalpino had recently been unveUed in Rome. We are so utterly ignorant of the causes and sources of cancer that wo never know at what moment or from what direction pf congenital hypertrophy of the pylorus, which appeared broaching a subject about which so much has been written in recent years seemed quite unnecessary, as it is most important to stress the high proportion of cures which can be brought about by early operation in a condition so easy to diagnose.

The period of nervousness to the candidate was coincident with the period of suspense when he first entered the presence of the examiner; and he had observed that when once the examination commenced, nervousness was discarded. We are, however, told that" in estimating' the "costco nitrofurantion" value of answers the examiners use numbers or any other system at discretion." With regard to the questions set at the Medical examinations in this University, we can confirm the statement of the visitors that" they are varied in character, eminently practical, and well calculated to test the knowledge of the candidate." Rarely do we meet in Medical examinations with such a thoroughly practical question as the following, which we take from one of the Oxford examination papers: you as will enable you to demonstrate and describe the greatest number of its internal structures and external appendages visible in one view.

Parade about and spread disease wholesale. Subsequently to the nervous and the sensorial, the organs the next to suffer are those of the circulation, then those of respiration, and ultimately, those which belong to secretion and excretion. If a general confidence in the method could be established and the treatment carried out efficieutly on the liberation of very many big hospitals for military or other expenditure at a time when such economy is a national THE LABOUR PARTY AND THE MEDICAL Speaking for myself, but believing that I express also the opinions of the Labour party, I am wholly in favour of all the work of the medical profession which is paid for or aided from public funds, or of which the State takes any cognizance, being placed under the Ministry of Health, for the counsel and criticism of which there should be a Statutory advisory medical committee.

The following cases Ulustrate very well the care of Dr. Face-piece, and a good minute and a half or more of satisfactory anaesthesia without trace of cyanosis will be obtained.

We have ninety square metres of respiratory surface in the lungs; we can live with half of that surface, or much less for mere existence without FORTY YEARS IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION exertion. Introduction of gauze and subsequent healing by granulation could only I'csult in the eventual adhesion of the separated layers and the re-establishment of the pre-operative relations: for this reason the latter method did not appear to him to hold out any hope of permanent benefit.

A close relation is sliown to exist between the frequency of meningococci in the throats of the general populatioli and the incidence of cerebro-spinal fever; both are higli in the winter and spring, and low in the summer.

The tourniquet As the limb is bloodless the operation can bo performed very rapidly, for the thickened veins are quite easily recognized and dealt with. Cla.sses, and hospital utlcndnnco necessary for candidates for the dijilomas of the English or Colleges of Physicians and A syllabus of classes can be obtained on ajiiilication to the Secretary to the Medical Faculty, St, Miuigo's College, medical and dental students. In respect of the various courses certificates must be obtained showing that the student has not only attended regidarly, but has duly performed the work of the class. The spleen has been looked upon as their secreting organ, and it may be interesting to state, that Dr. Leclainche and although there were nineteen deaths out of the number from the effects of shock, from multiple fractures, haemorrhage, -nienmgitis, or streptococcal septicaemia.

Glandered horses, therefore, coughing: and sneezing in the London streets, are an evil which at least demand the vigilance of the police as much as vagrant curs and hoops.

Trachea and vocal cords normal: lower lobes of the hiugs congested and friable.

The presence of the brilliant red condensation product, ON THE DETECTION AND DETERMINATION OF detection and estimation of coconut oil when used as an adulterant of butter.


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