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She does not like to incur the risk of exposure to the open air. When we get up medical schools, not because medical schools are Avanted, but because medical men want students to lecture to, let us have the courage to say that lecturers lecture for practice, and not for science. Inordinate muscular exertion is an important cause of the latter condition. For your gracious attention, I thank you.

The vagina and affected parts having been thoroughly cleansed with warm water and Castile-soap, as advised in the treatment of leucorrhoea, the sponge or cotton should be passed up the vagina with the finger, and pressed rather firmly against the mouth and neck of the womb, which, from its enlargement and consequent falling below its natural position, Avill generally be low down in the vagina, and so hardened as to be unmistakably distinguished from the surrounding parts by the sense of touch. The ACB test has received the most attention lately as a very good localization technique; however, false-positives may occur dose of antibiotic may be more predictive of the site of infection than the ACB test, at less cost In review, the appropriate steps in making the correct diagnosis in an outpatient female with symptoms suggestive of a lower urinary single dose of an appropriate antibiotic. I must declare to you, that the imposition on me by the committee of additional labour, in the task of gratuitously certifying of sickness or otherwise, and of affixing my name to multitudinous tickets, whereby a direct benefit is gained by the committee, has always In the face, sir, of the strong precedent of paid service in the case of the working troop of persons, through whose combined labour the administrative must, the motive that would affect to call upon my profession for an involuntary performance of unpaid services. The great private undertakings likewise entered into competition with the Government, and offered to medical men more immediate advantages, as well as the i:)rospect of a more speedy rise in the world, than could be hoped for in the army."" If, within the nest few years, the demand which had sprung up in this country for members of the medical profession shoidd not be met by an increased supply, her Majesty's Government would have to consider the expediency of offering increased advantages, not in the way of additional rank, but of increased pay."" Within the last few days. NOTES ON BRACONID PARASITES OF N ARANGA-AENESCENS-MOORE OCCURRING IN JAPAN (HYMENOPTERA, BRACONIDAE). Palpitation may be a symptom, and is more frequently observed in young nervous subjects. I have no favor for some one spokesman for medicine who implies that every proponent of compulsory sickness insurance is a Communist. He instanced furunculi, ui'ticaxia, lichen, erysipelas, etc., as being rapidly developed in Dr. The rooster reached his neck into the dark and" cockadoodledooed. Ayres has presented an excellent paper, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. And I would here remark, that when alcohol is taken into the stomach, although we have evidence of increased action of the heart, this by no means proves that the blood is circulating more rapidly through the capillaries of the body. Why, then, do not those who object to our views argue them down, if they can, instead of attempting the old but very vain method of extinguishing them by unpolite, violent, and impertinent language? We will gladly learn even from the feeblest of instructors; but what instruction can be reaped from him whose only weapon is the language of abuse? The Medical Times and Gazette, it would appear, thinks it a part of its mission to Avrap itself up in the rags of a worn-out conseiwatisin, and to improve away the heathenism of the liiuTisH jNIedical Jouuxal. The blades of a medium-sized pair of dressing forceps (Spencer Wells' pattern) have been made broader, edges between the terminals and the axis. I shall refrain from giving the details of special treatment, which cannot be available to the general reader and which must be especially adapted to the various conditions and circumstances of each patient in order to prove eminently serviceable. Bloody ftools or urine, with a fwelled belly, arc bad fymptoms; as is alfo a continual ftrangury.

If the ftomach is loaded with phlegm, vomits will be of ufe; but they ftiould not be too ftrong, nor frequently repeated, as they tend to relax and weaken the ftomach.

The fu"st named gentleman says that physicians should not be asked to judge of the question of insanity, but should be required merely to teU an"independent and impai-tial questions. It coagulates at the same temperature as does serum upon by the gastric or pancreatic juice. The healthy members of families infected with typhus, especially, are boarded and lodged there. In the majority of cases it is symptomatic of malignant, syphilitic or tubercular disease, and may then be a very serious matter. You'll work and consult with top attend funded continuing medical education programs (cyproheptadine appetite stimulant dosage). Buchanan is to be congratulated on presenting a very interesting paper on what to me is a highly interesting subject. M'CUntock as" Synchronous with the pulse; sometimes short and abrupt, a mere whiff accompanying each arterial prdsation; at other times, prolonged and musical, and not to be distinguished by the most acute and practical ear from the bruit placentaire. Hsemorrhages may take place, especially if the nephritis is graftc upon diphtheria, typhoid fever, variola, or other form of infectious di ease. The menses are disturbed, and leucorrhoea, falling of the womb, hysteria, sterility, chronic uterine or ovarian congestion, epilepsy, and other nervous diseases, are common results. If thefe continue to burn, people may fafely venture in; bu!: where they are fu vdenly extinguifiied, no one ought to enter till the air has been firft purified by fire. The extent to produce fatigue. With an Introduction on the increasing prevalence of Radical Cure of Hernia, Hydrocele and Varicocele. In some severe cases it may be necessary to soften the incrustations with poultices, following these with the free use of soap and water. THE IMPORTANCE OF BITING FLIES OTHER THAN GLOSSINA IN THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF TRYPANOSOMIASIS IN CATTLE IN SHIKA, NORTHERN NOTE ON REARING GLOSSINA PUPAE (DIPTERA, MUSCIDAE), SENt FROM AFRICA, UNDERTAKEN IN MAI SONS-ALFORT (FRANCE).


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