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Its duration is from two to five days, and possibly longer in some cases. Under the preaching and practicing of the Lawson Taits of the world, it is surprising that even first course students do not ruthlessly invade the abdominal cavity of our lovely women nobly planned, to furnish cyst or tumor at command. In these animals full anaesthesia was maintained during the experiment, and the nerves of the limb or limbs in which inflammatory oedema was caused were divided to prevent subsequent pain; consequently afferent impulses from the seat of injury were prevented from reaching the nervous centres and affecting the circulation by reflex action.

"When placed upon the bowel these false membranes may by their shrinking so compress the intestine as seriously to narrow its lumen. Suitably trained persons, who have the time to do such work, will be encouraged to undertake it. Violate, disregard, or evade any of the rules, regulatious, orders, or directions of the live-stock sanitary commission establishing and coveraing quarantine, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any By order of the livc-stock sanitary commission:"WhereoB by virtue of and pnraaailt to An aot of the legislative aioDmblf of the contagiaua and infectiousdiBeaaea among dnniestiRanimalB and Texas cattle,' approved auy live atock of the kind diseased into tbia Terr! tury, except under siicli retlrictiooi ae I, after conBultation with the Territorial veterinary Burgeon, may deem proper;"'Whereas I have reason to believe that eonditioas exist which render domestic an; mals and Texas cattle in any and all of the ooautiea of the folio wing- named States aod Terntoriee, viz: Maaaacbuaetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, PenusylvaDia, Maryland, Delaware, District of Colombia, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentocky, Tenneaaee, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indian Territory, liable to convey Spiorio or Texas fever In manv atich localities; anA" Whereas neat cattle whicli have been exposed to pleuro-pncunionia may have the before a veterinarian can certify to the healthfulness of such auimals; and" Whereas many neat entile no infected or exposed are owned or held in large iinmbers in the conn try east of the Miasouri Kiver, and it appears to me to be the pnrpow of the owners of many of them to bring said cattle into this Territory, and thus enable them to come into contact with the range cattle of this Territory, thereby eudangnrins the property of the citizena of this Territory; and" Whereas when Texas cattle are driven north, consuming three or fonr months on the trail, the change of feed and the lapse of time induces such a change lu tbe aystern of the animal that they no longer contain a virus spreading disease; and" Whereas experience has shown that cattle afflicted with splenic or Texas fever, if bronght into thia Territory in whole or In part by rail, bring with them tho germs of this aiseaae, and transmit it to the native herds with which they come in oontact, and when thna transmitted said disease becomes fatal to our native cattle;"ITow.therefore, I, JohnS. The diet should now be more liberal, and tonics, such as gentian, iron, and quinin, may be administered and continued until complete restoration of the patient's health has taken place. Sometimes at the post-mortem examination a bead of pus Avill be found in some solitary follicles, and if the patient had lived this minute abscess would have burst, and a follicular ulcer Avould have resulted; but it is by no means certain that all follicular ulcers are preceded by suppuration.

This theory falls in with Collier's as explaining why one nostril is first more readily obstructed, and then, under air piv-smv, more ra.-ily collapsed.

Cover-glasses of kidney, spleen, liver, lungs, and blood from heart coutatn fine bacilli, resembling very closely in disposition and size those which were found in mice inoculated with Pasteur's vaccine. The queetioD, at whose loss any necessary destruction of these may be, is not a qaestion of onarautine, and the powers of the Commissioners are incident to quarantine only, it being imporcaut, of course, that for the porpose of executing these he shall A similar letter of tbe Gommissiouer, of the ISth of April, addressed to the Attorney- General, was forwarded to the First Gomptrollei of tbe Treasury, and was promptly replial to aa follows:. There is greater prosti-ation, the abdomen becomes more rapidly distended, vomiting becomes much more copious and more persistent, the temperature is below normal than above it, and localised tenderness in the abdomen is usually absent. When early a hospital is possible, and prompt fumigation is carried out, there is rarely further disease in the house. In olden times tbe chief agents for the disaeioiuatiun of contagion nere the oontouding armies which marched and countermarcbed throui;li ueaily all the countries of Europe, gathering tbe seeds of these dreaded plaeiies lu tbo most obscure districlB, multiplying tUem by providing susceptible subjects among the animals dtivoiL along to furnish supplies, and scattering tbeni broadcast along the tineof march. Therefore it is practically a vascular tissue. In the more chronic and therefore difficult cases it is especially necessary to obtain as much quiet for the angle of the mouth as possible by pi'ohibiting suck his food through a glass tube for a few days. Neurotic troubles, evidently reflected from where every means of relief had been tried without any good result, in which he would not hesitate to remove the ovaries and tubes, although at the time of operation he could not discover disease in the parts. The Bureau of Animal Industry, an evident feeling that Mr. Following out the pioneer work of Sir Christopher Wren, who was the first man of science to study the problems of ventilation in public build ings, we note that public health officers were first appointed in the latter part of the sixteenth century. As I have now performed lithotomy in children and I think I may jilead that both experience and care proved uuefpial in this instance in avoiding a contingency which, had deatli happened after the first operation, might have exposed one "cyproheptadine dose for weight gain" less accustomed to operate for stone than myself to unjust oblocjuy and criticism. The causes producing the first sound of the heart are not definitely ascertained; the following are supposed to be causatory factors: (i) the vibration and closure of the cardiac impulse against the chest wall. Five days after the cauterization a slough was cast, opening into the urethra. A number of pigs inoculated with this vaccine were found susceptible to swine-plague, for when placed with diseased animals for of these animals, not thebacillns of rouget, but a peculiar bacterium was found, which was subsequently proved to be tlie cause of the disease. Outer side: Sartorius (in Scarpa's space), vastus internus, femoral vein gets to outer Branches: Superficial epigastric, superficial circumflex iliac, superficial external pudic, deep external pudic, muscular, anastomotica magna, and profunda femoris (with branches: external circumflex, internal circumflex, and three coccus, which is round or oval, and may appear singly, in The bacillus, which is rod shaped, with the longer sides parallel, and the short ends cither straight, rounded, or sporulation.

All these substances tend to damage the peritoneum and to inflict such an injury to that membrane as will facilitate the escape of the colon bacillus from the intestine. On the other hand, even fatal cases occasionally show an attempt at certainly the mortality is very high it is not yet proved that the disease cannot end in recovery. They go to bed with their clothes on, and will not wash or bathe properly. Vafation of a fluid under theflcin.


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