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The removal of the spleen in a live dog was performed as long ago the operation has been done hundreds of times since. He feels very well and cheerful, and his only desire is to have his life Without going into the pathology of this disease, it is evident that rest and work play an important part in its etiology. Meditation is often prescribed for the treatment of stress-related conditions, chronic pain and sleep disorders. He spoke of the mechanism of cough and the necessity enough to produce sufficient friction to carry away the material on the surface of the bronchial mucous membrane. The meeting at Columbus presents a program replete with scientific interest and instruction, and the Mkdical News will present next week a prompt We present this week, from Dr. It is always a surprise to the patient to find that the affected eye is less sensitive than the other, and he may answer incorrectly for psychologic reasons. He did not know where the nerve-centre of the uterus was, he only claimed that one of its largest trunks was situated just below the Dr. Infusions of linseed, buchu, and triticum repens are often uf value in acute cases. No ill effects were observed, although the many months at a stretch. Professor Macfadyean says that the stabling, food, and care of the herd were simply ideal, but ninety per cent, of tuberculosis is something frightful, and well may"uneasy lie the head that wears a crown" if this is the sort of milk and butter The proposed erection of a statue to Sir Thomas Browne, author of the famous"Religio Medici," in his native town of Norwich, has called attention to the fact that his skull now occupies a place of honor in the Norwich Hospital Museum, where the writer had an opportunity of examining it a short time ago.

He sank so far as to treat diseases his teachings, the principal of which were as follows: The only vocation of the physician is to heal; theoretical knowledge is of no use. There was no spinal deformity at this time. In subacute eczema, psoriasis, furuncles, in irritable summer rashes, whether papular or pustular, salt may be used with great advantage.

It may be both an early and a late manifestation of the constitutional disease. Expectancy is a poor makeshift for rational treatment, and the danger of delay is infinitely greater than the danger of an aseptic abdominal section which, in many instances, will alone permit the establishment of a positive diagnosis, at the same time that it allows the only proper treatment.

After half an hour the pulse became a little irregular, the face grew pale, and she commenced to complain of slight dyspnea. He had diphtheria with but the temperature remained high. The bleb formed under the skin should be at once dispersed by gentle friction with a finger smeared with carbolized oil. How about Bernard's experiments upon dogs in his studies of the nature of saliva? Could these have been performed upon the human subject, and was nothing learned through vivisectional experiments in regard to these very important secretions? The physiology of deglutition is surely an important thing. Surgical instruments of a general character, not including those required in special regions, such as are contained in the ordinary minor cases. Keynote Any Iowa Medical Society member physician who would like to receive periodic updates on the IMS strategic planning process should contact Chris McMahon, vice president Telephone interviews with physicians were held throughout the summer and a leadership retreat is scheduled for September. It can be repeated two or three times a day "delpecia 1c7" if necessary. Prcsse, the histories of ten cases in which he has sounded the ureters, and the value of the procedure is clearly shown.

Associated with this, the retention of bodily strength and the It is all the more necessary to keep these (Hstinctions in view, inasmuch as, brought about by the indiscriminate employment of the term"hypertrophic," there is the painful confusion between this true biliary cirrhosis and those cases of portal cirrhosis in which there is the CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER (ADAMI).

Nux vomica cured her." The dissertation on the"Duality of Phthisis" is one of great The book possesses as much interest as a novel, or a medical book by Watson or Sims. He was successful in five talked to Dr. I wish to make this paper as practical as possible, so have aimed to contrast the non-tubercular lesions with those tubercular. A SUCCESSFUL METHOD OF TREATING ORTHOP.'EDIC SURGEON TO MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL AND TO THE children's FRESH AIR CAMP.

The material for plugging consists of sixty parts iodoform, forty parts remains solid at the temperature of the body. ; Richmond, Va., Academy of Medicine of the Bronx, New York; New York Pathological Society; American Microscopical Society of the City of New York; Society of the Alumni of the City ((jharity) Hospital; Society for Medical Progress, New York; Philadelphia County Medical Society; Lenox Medical and Surgical Society (private).

The post-mortem, made the next day by Drs. System for making sea-water a germicide by means of electricity, is superintending the construction of a new disinfecting-plant which was expected to be in operation every day.

The pupil is dilated, but still reacts to light. The increase in mechanical appliances, and the immense extension of railways, afford abundant opportunities for observation of nervous shock, both in its fatal and milder forms.


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