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Mason, Medical Corps, Marine-Oberstabsarzt Dr. Muscular spasm marked, especially in upper half of abdomen; general tenderness, especially in epigastric and hypochondriac regions. They usually heal completely in less than two weeks. The promotion of sanatoria was also suggested as a possible outcome. Hartzell the disease was situated in the lumliar and sacral regions, and had followed the longcontinued application of a hot water bag. During his stay at this lodging-house, and within a few months of his stabbing the police officer, he was twice under medical care for inflammatory alTections of the brain, marked by very violent conduct, incoherent language, and sleeplessness, in addition to tlie other ordinary symptoms of such diseases. It is a custom important of these in Paris is the" Mutual Medical Association of the Department of the Seine." By paying a tax of ten francs a month, any doctor of medicine practising in the department of the Seine may acquire the right to an indemnity of ten francs temporary or permanent, caused by illness or accident, no matter how long the duration.

It can, my friends, be seen that these lodge doctors receive but the veriest pittance for services which in a perfunctory routine manner must be laborious; they do not average seven cents a visit as compensation from their knightly brothers. The circulation recovered, the.gangrene disappeared, and there was an arrest in the condition, with a slight recurrence the following winter. Bv John decades ago it could scarcely hope for. C, and from various other places: erectafil 20. Shephard, Brooklyn; corresponding secretary and treasurer, T. I need not say that It is' I need not teil you that baked potatoes are the best; fried are the worst Let the rule be to cook them with as Httle grease as possible. Copies of reports to go to the branch of the War Department interested in the output of b. His pain he referred to the loins, and inferior part of ih.e right side of the thorax. Mesnil of of Cambridge University, England; and Dr. Patrick Manson;" (i) Walsh;"Malarial Eye Affections," by Surgeon-Major Yarr. When we consider the numerous cases in which syphilis is quite unsuspected we must admit the value of his suggestion. It is not without a providential purpose that the number of the males is kept so nearly equal to the number of the females for they twenty shall be one flesh, but twain. One must differentiate between four forms: weakness of the muscles and indications of disturbances of sensation.

Never open your mouth when chewing. I have represented these cases, together with others of which I have a history only, by the accompanying chart, which requires brief The perpendicular are ancestral lines, or lines of descent. As high-intensity warfarin therapy had clearly failed, the patient was treated long term with ticlopidine and self-administered, twice-a-day subcutaneous unfractionated heparin. .Severe comminution of these processes is apt to be followed by necrosis of fragments. Other chapters are devoted to poliomyelitis, both from the medical and the orthopedic viewpoint; to the infectious diseases of children, malaria, respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and so on. (These occasions I should have placed before the hydrochloric-acid record.) In the last year, she has had marked improvement it seemed that glasses must need changing, the eyes came up under the use of these bacids.

I wish that I could have done something more to ease her pain and I consider myself fortunate that such a decision has would have been, faced with the same choice. While rendering medical assistance to an extremely sick patient with an obstinate attack of cholera morbus. Still mori' remarkable are those cases in which a positive serum reaction is from first to last the only evidence of iid'ection. Its proximal continuation could be distinctly followed by palpation of the celiac axis, this portion forming a large loop with its convexity pointing upward, so that the whole vessel, as far as visible and palpable, represented a large Roman"S," its entire estimated length being six inches.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of culture, smears, biopsy, and the clinical appearance of lesions.

In this work it is equally necessary to prevent breathing the dust, so as a rule, a mask covering the entire face is used.


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