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This document exposes a world of iniquity in the business, wholly beyond our suspicions, and we begin to wonder whether the unfortunate termination of cases in the hands of the ablest physicians, may not sometimes have been owing to the adulterated medicines which were given. Biggs points out with justice what has been done in the line of preventive medicine, facts that have not been appreciated by the profession or the public. We have not yet received particulars of special trains from St. The acuteness of this sense is far greater in many of the lower animals (dogs, for example) than in man, and they employ it in guiding them to their food, in warning them of approaching danger, and for other pur poses.

North American Review Co., New The opening pages of the March number are devoted to a paper on" The Famine in India," by Edwin Arnold;"Prison Labor" is considered by Carroll D. The habitat types that usually support a large number of wildlife species are not common in the planning area. Of course it is impos.sible to be perfect in both. In the preparation of the food the cooking is most important: it should be prepared in a thorough and careful manner and rendered agreeable alike to the senses of vision, taste and smell. Scalp, and ringworm on the general surface. They harangue the people by the hour with borrowed spiels, full of big medical terms, and usually full of abuse of regular practitioners, which local physicians must note with humiliation is too often received by people without resentment and often with applause. The anastomosed vein and artery were resected a little above the line of suture, and no contraction or coagulation could be detected. Neoplasms here seem to be always )ther patient was cured by ablation of the growth. Then with the image of the uterus, and especially its cavity in mind, every part of its surface is systematically scraped with a thin sharp curette, the cornua being separately treated with the smallest sized instrument.

We have nil had exam"Consequently, we are firmly convinced that for the sake of his own health, comfort, welfare and safety, as well as for the protection and welfare of the public and the conservation of his property, he should remain in restraint. The foetus had probably been living until a few hours before birth. Examination of the mother's urine made on the first day of admission to the hospital sugar; trace of acetone; no diacetic acid; a few epithelial cells; a few leukocytes; no casts; the fermentation test for sugar was negative.

Then people would content themselves with their needs and with the luxuries and pleasures they could legitimately afford. Where it "fexofenadine allegra" is the immediate consequence of the acute albuminuria of scarlet fever, the tendency is towards a rapid change of the effused fluid into pus; and the mildest result probable is a chronic empyema, with too often fatal secondary results.

During the past year measures to ensure the registration of tuberculosis in all its forms have been The importance of the registraiion of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis arises not so much because of the evidence of its communicability as becLiuse of the importance of fuller information as to the conditions under which it arises and becomes disseminated. In nearly every instance when the conditions were fotmd inoperable at the laparotomy, he ligated the afl'erent vessels and removed the ovaries if they were still functioning.

It consists in covering the fecal matter, in the vessel in which it is received, with warm water, enough being employed just to cover the fecal mass; a quantity of content is placed in the receptacle before adding the water.


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