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THE CURETTE IN PUERPERAL ENDOMETRITIS. The serum is preferably run into the sjiinal canal by gravity, and not by injection with a syringe. I do not know that we are quite prepared for it, as there is still great diversity in the curricula, even among the leading schools, but it is undoubtedly a great advantage to study under different teachers, as the mental horizon is widened and the cfympathies enlarged. Thus I have observed in young girls stomach cramps regularly, or with longer inter- j missions at the time of menstruation, accompanied' by vomiting or nausea. The husband states that it always took about two years for his wife to regain her strength after her confinements. The theorj' of intermarriage seems quite inadequate. These nodules are somewhat tender to pressure. Unlike measles, scarlet fever on entering a community for a long time exempt does not attack all those not already protected; the same vagaries of susceptibility are noted here as under other circumstances. The flagella vary in size, number, and position. When there is very much swelling, especially about the face, arms, and hands, and the burning pain is severe, there is nothing that gives so much relief as frequent applications of cold compresses or cloths wrung out in cold water and kept constantly applied. Welch examined them and said they contained sebaceous matter. The lateral and anterior walls of the bladder were found to be normal. Dire are the pangs which my art is able to arouse and to allay in those who consort with me, just like the pangs of women in childbirth; night and day they are full of perplexity and travail which is even worse than that of the women.

The writer has gathered together the results of the investigations of numerous American observers in regard to morphology of the diphtheria bacillus. In one of the larger hospitals of this city, for a long time, there was hung in the consulting-room a graphic picture of the struggle in" getting a patient under ether," at least that was the title. Gangrenous erysipelas occurs most frequently where the skin is loose, as on the eyelids, scrotum, and labia. Apparently hopeless cases receive marked benefit generally almost" Without stretching language in the least we may say that it really appears to be a SPECIFIC FOR BALDNESS."" Send pot Pomade Max for own use."" A Patient (syphilitic) has used it with wonderful results." HYDROCHLORIDE (WHIFFEN S) HYDROBROMIDE, also Our other Special Manufactures include Other Alkaloids and Preparations of Opium. The entire absence of the folds from the dilated duodenum above the pouch may doubtless be ascribed to the distention which general remarks upon the etiology of gastric dilatation. As the disease is contagious only in its acute stage, and is very easily controlled, there appears to be no need for apprehension of its ever becoming epidemic in this country or Europe. A Velpeau bandage or strapping of the arms to, and across, the chest may be best avail able method.

Filagra from canada - in the absence of such a history, it is prudent to reflect more thoroughly on the problem of justifying the death of some, however few, for the sake of the health of the many, no matter how many. Prohibit the patient from riding in open automobiles, or else have the eyes well protected bv a close-fitting pair of goggles.

Impetigo contagiosa is said to have been communicated by the use of a vaccine crust taken from a person in whom that disease coexisted with vaccinia.

Though the treatment of ovarian (Usease forms no part of the subject of this paper, yet I have introduced it here because the two conditions were so closely associated in the same patient, and because the constant pain in the ovary may have been, and probably was, a factor in the I have had quite a large number of cases, ten in all, the details of which would add but little of interest in the discussion, and I therefore omit them.


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