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Directly after this per cent, solution of nitrate of silver locally upon the ulceration with the result that following conditions were present: She was a woman of heavy build, being five feet no anemia or cachexia. The effect of duboisia in conjunctivitis follicularis, consequent upon the protracted use of atropia, was observed in the case of B. But in the present instance there is a moral delect for which nothing can compensate: a want of candor and fairness which no scientific excellence (if there were any) can atone for; and w hich it must be confessed, would suffice to give an unfavorable bias to the most impartial judgment. There are many fine specimens of vesical calculi also. A diagnosis of pyloric hypertrophy was made from the following points: ( i ) a healthy baby at The little child was fed by a nasal tube and an attack of acute gastro-enteritis with bronchopneumonia proved fatal. The bark is astringent, tonic, antiperiodic, and hemostatic, and is used in diarrhea, intermittent Dioviburnia (di-o-vi-bur'-ne-ah) (filitra tablets). Have not been wanting to isolate some poison from intestinal contents, which might have a deleterious effect upon the red blood cells. I prefcribed the laft of the this might poffibly be performed by the Balfamick and Dturetick Particles of the itsCrafis, it opened the Obftruaions of the Paflages, large quantity of Urine. The results of our experience have shown us that technically the operation is simple and easy; even the joining of the esophagus to the intestinal loop is successful through a terminoterniinal anastomosis with double sutures, and the healing between the two channels takes place readily; the nutrition of the loop however can only be guaranteed for the inferior third of the thorax; further up the loop may remain nourished but not always, and therefore the danger of gangrene in the mediastinum is such that in no case should one expose himself to it. The gums were exceedingly pale and BLUMER: A CASE OF CHRONIC LEUCEMIA. This lady took about three hundred hypodermics; is now perfectly well; no return of trouble; no more hypodermics. Many women have declared that nothing resembled more the nausea of the commencement oa the contrary, often so taken, when they change the horizontal to an up right position. D., Uterine, that due to disease of the appearing some days prior to menstruation.

Low; you could not get much for them in this city.

The saner and better class patronized reputable physicians and everybody felt he must be taking something, as a sort of" spring house cleaning'" at least, and the drug stores and patent-medicine vendors came in for a full share of the profit. A continuance of this pruning will dehorn the ancient tree very thoroughly.

Numerous observers have claimed the discovery of a definite bacterium in the secretions of the nose and throat, or in the desquamated material from the skin, but these have all lacked confirmation. Should belladonna be indicated in a given epidemic, however, and be demonstrated by control cases to be truly efficacious, we might then be justified in giving it as routine and call it homoeopathy. Under aseptic irrigation and the application of mineral astringents the discharge congested, and the remnant of the drum membrane became practically normal in color. Walker, Warder, Hatfield, Bell, Heller and Martin, in the presence of two hundred students and physicians, proceeded to the operation. However, the mere existence of filth is not of itself sufficient to create a specific disease. All cuprous compounds, and cuproso-cupric derivatives copper salt dissolved in concentrated hydrobromic acid develops an intense purple color. Furnished with very minute the maximum capacity of shortening shown by a muscle subjected to maximum stimulus. Instruction in general physical diagnosis is given one hour each week during the third and fourth years. Ministers object to Eddyism on the ground that it sets up a false religion, but with that we, as physicians, are not concerned. It is curious that in every one of these cases the patient should have been so intolerant of the salicylic acid. As medical men in this country, we must take up these subjects, uninfluenced by tradition or prestige, and examine the facts and their meaning; then there will be a road for therapeutic measures and means that will revolutionize much of our present The hysterical assertions that the profession of medicine is overcrowded are only true in the narrow sense. Krause is widely known as a worker in the research field of tuberculosis, formerly from Saranac Lake and recently appointed by the Johns Hopkins University to take charge of a new Division of Tuberculosis in that institution.


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