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By alternating these movements it is stated that resuscitation, in cases of apnoea neonatorum, has been effected when other methods had failed, and when so much time had elapsed that the case would seem hopeless to most practitioners. It is a part of our nature to venerate the things which have been taught us, as venerated by our fathers before us. Many a so-called" old-time practitioner" is daily preventing and curing many of his cases by" soaking the feet,"" a wet pack,'" etc., etc., instead of attending only to placing medicaments in contact with the" inner-skin" lining the digestive tract.

Flagyl uses uti ubs

Plus sulfamerazine provides a new, effective triple-sulfonamide combination that presents a minimal Sulfamethazine. Joseiih Carroll, for the past ten years Medical Officer of Health for the Burgh of Ilkeston, has been appointed lecturer on hygiene and public health at Anderson's College Medical School, Glasgow, in succession to the late for the degree in medecine, at the University of Jena, and hereafter all medical students must pass an examination on Professor Bier, the assistant of Professor Esmarch for many years, is to occupy for the coming semester the chair of surgery at the University of Kiel, made vacant by the retirement of his master. Observe an article by Mr Oswald Wood, of the Army Medical Department, on so-called" Malta Fever." If severe suffering from a disease gives one a right to be heard on the nature of that disease, Mr Wood has that right, for I was a pained witness as one of his old teachers in the Army Medical School, I may be allowed, without presumption, to say, that he has written well on the disease from which he suffered so bitterly. Dr Marion Sims, indeed, suggests its adoption"in looking at the question from my own point of view in addition to his, I believe the plan might also be employed with advantage, when other measures are likely to fail, in syncope from whatever cause arising, as well as in cases of poisoning by hydrocyanic acid, connection with the cerebral antemia revealed on post-mortem examination, in a case of poisoning by digitalis, given from the Centralblatt, in the Edinlnirgh on the hypothesis advanced above. You recognise that, even when drawn out of the mouth, this latter is agitated by very obvious tremblings. Total cessation of discharge, after excision, may not take place for two years, and in one case I have under observation, it has not yet occurred, though five years have elapsed, since the operation. Under the exhibition of mild aperients and diaphoretics, such as castor-oil and Dover's powder, the symptoms gradually subsided, and on the eleventh day her pulse and temperature were much lower, and her general condition favourable. In the muscles of the extremities the trichinse are found in greatest number in the vicinity of the tendons. SEWELL, SPRINGFIELD, COUNCILOR The Barton-Dade County Medical Society met at The following officers were elected: President, Ru dolf Knapp, M.D., Golden City; vice president, Edmond E. She was tender, hard, elastic swelling was found on the left side of the abdomen reaching up to the level of the umbilicus. Naturally, when carcinoma of the esophagus is suspected investigation for ol)jective evidence of the presence of stenosis of the esophagus should never be omitted, and the only certain way of doing this consists in the introduction of a bougie fenestra. Pancreatic cysts have been operated upon recently in a number Carcinoma of the pancreas may involve the tail, the body, the head, or the entire organ. I thought this pres ent tumor looked benign histologically and yet resembled the picture of the one called malignant in your book! Did you call it malignant because of its behaviour? lacrimal duct was obstructed and a radical excision was carried out. Yet at the same time they do classify dental resins (composite fillings) and dental cements, which must also be prepared by the dental clinician. These tumors are not a pearly or creamy, grayish appearance with coarse traveculae or fasciculi of radiating, fan shaped bands of connective tissue coursing through the specimen. It is common enougli, on the contrary, that the sclerous patches, which, as a rule, are seated principally in the antero-lateral columns, go beyond the postero-lateral furrows, and encroach upon the posterior columns. In vain a mortal harp aspires Mother of God! one living ray When storms and tempests pass away.

The Governor of Maryland has appointed l)rs.

It was found by experience that the place for the first stitch was at the mesenteric attachment of the bowel, or in the mesentery near its attachment, to control bleeding. It was accompanied with a life of Wilson, by the editor. ARTERIAL TENSION IN CONNECTION WITH the New York Life Insurance Company.) Applicants for life insurance often present themselves for examination quite unaware of any cardiac abnormality, and again they may state that they have had a murmur for years but have never experienced any symptoms whatever.


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