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Otlicers and the inl'rciiiiency of recomnuMidations is indicative of satisfactoiy cotiditions thronohont the fh'paitnient. Knowledge of the natural history of diseases is important as the true point of departure for therapeutics. The other factors are an ovemourished condition of the system proceeding from the consumption of too much food, and especially of meat, and the impure condition of the body, resulting from the nonoxidation of the food. Often, however, the nerve injury is not observed, or the patient does not come under treatment until after a considerable time, then secondary suture must be peffonned. Men of learning began to set experience aside; to build physic upon hypothesis; to form theories of diseases and their cure, and to substitute these in the place of experiments.

W., reduction of a sfaoukler Intemperance, ligislation regarding, Keratitis associated with a generaKied International Medical Congress, organ- Kerley, Charles Gilmore, soggesttoos in the new-bom, from congenital hemorrhage from the, inflating the interesting cases of anastomosis of albuminuria in diseases of the, pelvic malpofition of the Idft, insamty in relation to disease of nervous affections in relatioo with treatment of wounds with tincture tuberculosis in large centers of pop Langstaff, L. GiLMAN Thompson said he certainly was not in favor of surgical intervention in cases of simple serous exudations into the pericardial sac: glucophage 500 mg for pcos. John Blake White, physician to Charity Hospital, New York, sends the following to the New York Record:" The high road to truth is the knowledge of facts, and well it is for searchers after truth when facts can be ascertained and" Symptoms are the alphabet, cases the language, of disease, and that physician subserves his profession who carefully records his experience. This unfortunate confusion can be traced to three principal sources. The retention of the ability to recognize flavors, with a loss of the sense of smell, is very frequently due to such lesions, owing no doubt to the fact that the expiratory stream is stronger and impinges more directly upon the olfactory area than the inspiratory stream.

The existence of uriemia may be inferred whenever, in connection at all, diminished. A lymphocytosis has also been found to occur in cases of herpes zoster, very occasionally in cases of intracranial tumor, in chronic alcoholism, and in mumps. Discovery of how much information there is to know someone from"head to toe" in Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology this summer. ) Six Imndied medical don'ts; or, the physician's ntility enhanced, shkola. We agreed that Monrovia presented many peculiar advantages for invalids. The economy of there is a myelinated tract of fibers going from the internal capsule and the lenticular nucleus into the medullary layer of the"anterior transverse convolution" of the temporal loins that is, into the convolution which forms, so to say, the tip of the temporal lobe on the lateral surface. Paralysis was ushered in by convulsions, but in no other of these was there any record of the child having had convulsions previously. Lying out in the valley several miles from the mountains, the cold winds which rush out of the canons and through the passes subside in the warm air of the valley, like turbid streams flowing into a placid lake, and one often hears the remark made by visitors who are spending the winter nearer the mountains," How still it is here in Colton." This does not apply to the northers, for the highest mountains and the deepest valleys can only afford partial protection from them. He had taken the pus from two with a hypodermic needle, and had scraped out two or three of these abscesses. It is the greatest honor for me that my works have such fame with you rich gentlemen. An attentive observer may soon perceive, that milk, butter, and meat, of animals that feed on good herbage, in high and dry soils, are the best; and that strong nourishment is the produce of those animals that feed on bottom land; but those that feed on a marshy, wet soil produce more acrid food, even admitting that the herbage be of the bland and nutritious kind; but if it be composed in part of poisonous plants, the sheep become diseased and rotten, much more so than cattle, for they do not drink to the same degree, and therefore (particularly those that chew the cud) are not likely to throw off the poison. At present the hospital is being repaired and repainted by the quartermaster's A medical department steam laundry which was established for the purpose of laundering the linen for the hospitals in and about Manila has been highly successful. After treating these for several weeks by ordinary measures, long enough to convince myself that there was but little probability of their healing, even if they were left undisturbed by their possessor, I oue day, after having consulted my visiting surgeon, and obtaining his reluctant sanction, determined to treat them in a rational manner.


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