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In this report, it is evident that the State of Michigan gets from its physicians in the Pontiac Asylum more and better work than details that should be perfonned by others. Among the carbohydrates food values are inversely proportional to the amount of cellulose; that is, to the amount of stalk. But, unfortunately, we meet with many cases that have no such enlargements, but who are clearly syphilitic. Are, in general, due to three causes: (a) Mechanical pressure from enlargement of lymphnodes and spleen, or infiltration of various organs with white blood cells, (b) Anaemia, (c) Toxaemia. Proust brought forward the fact that unless this muscle (rectourethralis) is divided the rectum is more likely to be torn. That disease has been already referred to above, so that no further description is The moat serious effect of the inflammation is in the cornea, because there the slightest ulceration may result in a scar, and a scar, if it is in the middle of the eye opposite the pupil, means blindness. After delivery in these cases the body of the uterus might be firmly contracted, while the blood was pouring from the cervix. The use of warm water for a few moments would only tend to increase the congestion, and very probably enhance all the disagreeable symptoms arising from it; but continued for some time, ten or fifteen minutes, the water being injected slowly, the blood vessels, by contracting, will have expelled the blood, and the parts will be blanched. Ever since its introduction, and am so it in all cases in which I formerly used the Sulphate; and in intermittents it can be given during the paroxysm of fever with perfect salety, ana thus lose I am using Cincho-Quinine. The shaft isGorSincheslong, and the bulbou.-; end can be guided into, and located in, the prostatic canal by means of the finger in the rectum.

It is necessary to know absolutely that the case is one of ovarian epilepsy. It sticks to the old system, and, perhaps deservedly, has the reputation of sending out the biggest and worst medical classes every The Obstetric Gazette says that Ro well's American Newspaper Directory puts the circulation of the Gazette as under five were notified that the regular circulation ot the Gazette was three times that amount; but then it did not advertise with the A rich man upon whom a surgeon had performed a serious operation, received from the ought to have warned me," said the sufferer," that your way of carrying on your trade is to demand your money or your life." At it-s late meeting the Detroit Medical and Library Association elected as president are said to be good for an excellent year's A Swiss local magistrate has decided that the Clime of infanticide shall be punished with death only when the victim is a child bom in wedlock. Tet its importance is apparent, in its pathological relations, and because of the family and society interests involved. The conditions may vary in different portions of the same gland, and on accounl of this and the liability to carcinoma in these cases, Warren recommends opera tive treatment in every case of abnormal involution. Council of the Association must send in their forms of application to the General Secretary not later than twenty-one days before Any qualified medical practitioner, not disqualified by any bylaw of the Association, who shall be recommended as eligible by any three members, may be elected a member by the Council or by any recognised Branch Council. This action of light is the cause of sclerosis of the lens of the eye. Next in importance is a fairly sound digestion, absence of hereditary taint, an age past fortyfive and a well shaped chest. The cotton bandage employed by A. Bermuda, to Mabel Lucille, youngest daughter of the late LETTERS, NOTES, AND ANSWERS TO Oommttntcations respecting editorial matters should be addressed tothe Editor, In order to avoid delay, it is particularly requested that all letters on the editorial business of the JoirRNAi, be addressed to the Editor at the office of the Journal, and not to his private house. Unsanitary living conditions, lack of care, faulty methods of feeding, and undoubtedly congenital weakness in many cases, are back of the digestive disorders. We do not ordinarily now vaccinate A LAYMAN'S HANDBOOK OF MEDICINE people more than once unless in the presence of an epidemic Then we have got to vaccinate everybody who is anywhere near the particular case. The results were as follows: (a) Active joint In concluding their article, the authors say in part: Patients suffering from joint tuberculosis keep on discharging tubercle bacilli for years, so long as the disease is active. A typical favorable case might be cited of a patient seen not long ago. ; William Browning Cromer, Charlotte, N. Glycomet 500 sr used for - much, almost all, must here be left to individual judgment. Will this as well as my more general challenge be passed to feel much indebted to Mr. Respecting general treatment, great relief can often be obtained by regulating the secretions, bj' attention to the diet, and especially bj- avoiding all excesses in eating, drinking, and tobacco. A similar result would attend, I believe, any attempt at surgical relief, after the case admits of little or no doubt as to mechanical obstruction. There is one thing that does cure it, and that is time. Coal-gas poisoning is another frequent cause, such poisoning being often followed by a severe neuritis of sensory type, and very obstinate in resisting treatment.


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