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At eleven o'clock I paid my respects AT one o'clock Dr. There was a syphilitic history early in life. She had been treated by many physicians, but had obtained no relief. This may be accomplislied by using a very smooth probe which is fine at the point, but increases in size, so that its introduction will widen and expand the orifice and canal. Caused by a splinter or any foreign substance, it should be withdrawn, and if the injury is merely local, apply cold water to the parts to keep back the inflammation. He has given us the terms of many writers, commencing with Velpeaus, but I think we should do better to adopt the term with which we are more familiar, that is, urinary "grifulvin v oral suspension 04c" fever, and afterwards discuss how much of that may belong to the catheter, and may have any right to be called catheter-fever. Others are attached to a silk thread with the same object While in the great majority of cases there is no difficulty in their introduction, the patient usually being able to swallow them easily with water, wo meet in rare instances with exceptions to this rule. With reference to tlie second case, there could be an e.'cpression of stronger doubt as to its being one of pachymeningitis, even of the hemorrhagic variety, for tlie dura mater was a tissue which was not liable to hemorriiagic infarctions. Dyspnoea is often present as the first symptom.

We are reliably informed that the superintendent of the institution is a man of the highest skill and qualifications for this kind of business; that the management of the institution is fortunately kept outside of politics and its influence, which is often so destructive to the progress and systematic development of such and similar institutions.

Canvas sleeves are slipped over ends of pij)e handles to prevent frosting of the liands of stretcher-bearers in winter.

The exceptional student can reduce this period two years. A patient should never be forced by the rules and regulations of the institution to do this kind of In the above quotation from Forchheimer's"Therapeusis" you will have noticed the statement that systematic massage together with proper hydrotherapeutic methods has proved of great value in chlorosis. Nestor Morales this institution has gained an enviable reputation in all of that part of South America.

It is at social meetings that men become best acquainted.

The study of the etiology of disease claimed earnest attention then, as it does in this day, when by the perfected laboratories of research and the faithful devotion of able investigators, the quest for the causes and the agents of relief of destroying diseases is unremittingly conducted, and the victories achieved in the contest contribute in ever-increasing beneficial results to the well being and welfare of the human So much has been written relative to the care of surgical patients that it may appear presumptuous to attempt to offer anything worth while in the limits of a paper on this subject. He was attending physician of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum and of Girard College. Empty the whole of the gall of a bull into a vessel of brass, and let it stand ten days. The Sun is red and is long, and he ruleth over the Lion; he is beneficent in everything.

He continued under treatment but six months when he was discharged perfectly cured, and able to engage in manual labor, which he procured, and he has ever since been diligently following his vocation in this city.

Dicrotic pulse, found in typhoid fever and other adynamic conditions. The extent of recovery would depend on the amount of destruction of the brain that had already taken place. A very large percentage of the patients heard from had reported that furctionally their arms were all rignt or practically as good as ever. The stools now became very numerous, numbering twelve to fourteen a day; and associated with eacn movement there were severe griping pains in the abdomen and a bearing down sensation in the rectum. ; the graphics of the myograph, of the sphygmograph, and of other self-graphing instruments; the drawings or photographs of the microscopic specimens, and other perishable or evanescent data, which lose part of their in! terest if their proportions have not been taken on an j on which, in i mportant cases, must be telegraphed, from ( the bedside to the doctor's desk, the sudden break in i the course of the vital functions, which foretells a! crisis avertable only by telegraphic swiftness. Some of the members, recognizing the need of revivifying influences, set forces to bring this about. There are only three points of ulceration on the body, two on the calf of the right leg and one on the inner side of the left thigh. The profession stands ready to endorse his propositions, and enter heartily into any scheme which may bring about the desired result.


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