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Measles there mav be an extension to the terminal bronchi, and the intercor municating air cells, under which circumstances bronchopneumonia develops It is claimetl by some that acute bronchitis can frequently be arrested: This solution is applied to the tonsils and erythematous areas in the pharyn Nasopharyngeal treatment by sprays is also useful by limiting the source It appears that in certain quarters the attitude is taken that the local anesthetic sold as Procaine is not identical with that marketed as Novocaine.

The weight of evidence is in favor of It is a highly infectious disease with a short period of incubation. This conclusion does not so fully apply to acetanilide, the action of which has frequently been followed by ill effects, though in the majority of such cases the dosage employed was too large. In the newer States it will be claimed that there are exceptions to this rule. " Quis cladem illius noctis, quis funera fando The works were defended by a broad ditch filled with water, as also a palisade, and a wall mounted with numerous pieces of cannon. Autopsies in support of the position that the peripheral nerves are involved, are few in number, but in several cases the, lesion has been found. This fact should be borne in mind in considering the results obtained from an exclusively meat EXPERIMENTS SHOWING THE EFFECT OF THE DIET ON THE CHOLESTEROL CONTENT The following experiments were suggested by the current belief that there is a causative relation between the increased consumption of meat and the incidence of cancer. The time these cattle were in the Decatur yards some other cattle there sick, though it is not positively known that they were suffering with Texas fever. I am therefore of opinion that, considering the difficulties we sometimes have in getting at the truth in such matters, it is desirable that no additional available source of information should be neglected, and I consider that valuable corroborative evidence at least is to be obtained from such a source. Not only is the character of the sound altered but it seems to be prolonged by a sort of echo or resonance which follows it. It was the date fixed by a common consent, which was arrived at after much correspondence and exchange of views between the leading centers of practice and education in both hemispheres. In advanced cases of laryngeal tuberculosis, there is pain on swallowing, and occasionally symptoms of stenosis. For every symptom there were a score or more of medicines vile, nauseous compounds in one case; bland, harmless dilutions in the other. As the result of these experiments a most simple process was arrived at, by which in any kitchen a cereal food may be made containing three fourths of the solid matter in a soluble form and having more or less sugar For a food containing about one third of the solid matter in the form of maltose, the following recipe may be two ounces (two tablespoonfuls heaped as high as possible); water, fifty-six ounces (a quart and three quarters); extract of malt, half a teaspoonful or a small teaspoonful.

They occur occasionally at the aortic orifice (relaxation of Stewart's muscle ring) and perhaps also, though still more rarely, at the pulmonic orifice (GrahamSteell murmur"of high pressure in the pulmonary artery"). Crews were incapacitated for some days, by pain and numbness of the lower extremities. With our modern engineering this is a comparatively easy feat to accomplish (historical articles).

Thus it will be seen that Cheselden taught Sharp, who became surgeon to the sister hospital established by Thomas Guy, that from Sharp, William Hunter learned surgery and some pathology, for we see from Sharp's writings that he was among the leading thinkers of his time. The mission of the middle ages had been really, though not obviously, a cosmopolitan one, and it was fitting that the noblest achievement of the Renaissance should be the discovery of America. The moral hygienics of marriage are salutary both to the conscience and the mind and soul; to the whole of the higher nature both of woman and man; and thus healthy and helpful to the morality of the community, nation, and race. Squeeze all air out of the tubb ing on the blood bulb, and then insert the end of the pipette in the tubing, bein careful to see that no air bubbles are present at the union. The author had operated twenty-one times for cancer, and all the patients but one had recovered.

Re is any heartburn, a tea-spoonful of magnesia with each dose. A sick soldier is, so long as he is ill, not only one less in the efifective force, he can not drill or otherwise prepare himself for the fighting line, but he is a possible source from which infection may be spread to others, and his care occupies the attention and time of others. Under this treatment his general condition began to improve, but its progress was slow, while the condition of the eyes grew steadily worse. The absence of other forms of syphilis in Guam, where gangosa Symptoms. The new, the hilly, and the swampy parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, especially, send numbers of animals of this description to market each year. They ate well; licked themselves; the stumps were scabbing over and healing; they occasionally got up and hobbled along for a I next examined their mouths, which revealed denudation of the mucous membrane and discolored patches on the nose, lips, tongue, and roof and elastic pad. The sacral operation was not favored.


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