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From that time he continued to improve and made a good In an address delivered before the Birmingham Branch belief that chill has a causal relation of some sort to many cases of pneumonia, but thought that its influence was often overrated. Instead of giving the students so many subjects that they don't need, why not require the study of the fundamentals of bacteriology and physiology and embryology and biology? I know my boys were more interested in bacteriology, physiology and embrj'ology than they were in mathematics and ancient history. The moister the air, the greater is its elasticity or pressure. Intermarriage with blood relations, for ages, has deeply impregnated the Guelph family with scrofula.

In hospital practice they are seldom used. We are also prepared to furnish special chests for the use of the National Guard of the various states as well as emergency cases for railroad, factory and police. It is fast and pleasant, relaxes the jaw, and lasts long enough for uncomplicated extraction of a dozen or more teeth.

When this forced alimentation, together with the regular daily meals, has been continued for some days, the patient's weight will commence slowly to increase. There seems hardly room to doubt that here was the true source of the haemorrhage.

Hereditary tendency is certainly to efficient Cause.

Cheyne-Stoces respiration came on, and child died that evening. And also after a variable lapse of time a more venturous diagnostician has refuted the original opinion: hw much zyban cst. Herein consists the skill of the practitioner, and on this puint he needs to bring to bear the knowledge, the study, the investigation, the observation, the experience of a life-time; and he who trusts to anything short of this, throws his life away. Cinchonidia is a very useful substitute for quinine in the milder affections in which that drug is indicated, but it IS liable to disappoint the physician in some cases. From Prescott, Ariz., to Globe, Ariz., in Ariz., has been elected treasurer of the recently had an interesting trip through Miss Adele Dohany, a trained nurse of Los Angeles, is superintendent of nurses in the new hospital at Whittier.

In this situation abdominal puncture provides positive evidence. It is a matter for gratulation that so much is being written now in encouragement of doctor and nurse to hope and work until the last breath for the recovery of every patient past seventy, or eighty or even ninety. In rickets there is a deficiency of both calcium and phosphorus.

The glass irom which he had taken the chloral stood on a small table near the head of the bed, and in it were a few drops of the medicine, recognized by his brother, by taste and smell.

Failures, properly understood and appreciated, are frequently sources of life's ultimate sucNo man can go through life without at times failing in the things he starts out to do and sometimes failing most egregiously.

Atlee, a distinguished surgeon of Philadelphia, dare not consult with tibe President of this Association for fear of expulsion from his State Society, do you tell me there is no occasion for action in this case? Do yon tell me that, when a motion of this kind will settle the discord existing in the State of Pennsylvania, and place their position in accord with that of the physicians of all the States of the Union f This knotty question will be set at rest, as it will be objection urged to it is that it is superfluous.

.patient of the nature of his troubles. Few physicians of his age have had such experiences as his in peace and in war. The patient suffered no pain or discomfort; temperature normal. Cocillana, as Norris says, is made of the der Meliaceae), a large tree found in Bolivia. The train of symptoms commonly named the shock, which takes place on entering the cold bath, I have ascribed principally to the effect of the cold on the vascular system; but it is proper to state that many are of opinion that the shock depends upon the action of the cold on the nervous system, and that the shiverings and the irregular muscular contractions, are the consequence of the impression of the cold on the delicate nerves of the skin. At that time the character of the disease was evident. The second to p crcenta ge feeding of course re the middle period (from three or tour the later period (from ten or twelve to DISEASES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN. On coming out of the cold bath, the body was again well dried, and the bather then went into the apodyterium, or the place where he had at first deposited his clothes. De medecine et de pharmacie militaires) publishes in full the report of Professor Nimier, the representative of that government at the eleventh annual meeting of the Association. I have frequently observed that the size of the varicocele bears no relation to the degree of suffering and distress complained of by the patients. Where the soil is very impervious to water, the country must likewise be cold from the constant evaporation going on. Historians, too, have handed down as the belief of the times, that great personages, as Henry VI.


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