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It is quite apparent, however, that the grand design of the author is to give an artificial importance to the Naval Medical Bureau, by loading it with extra professional services, which require business tact and clerical Ethereal Solution of Gun Cotton.

Here we see a marked and striking difference betwixt gaseous inhalation and the swallowing of opium; which to me is the most wonderful, and, physiologically contemplated, the most interesting and important, of anything connected with this prolific novelty. The walls of these vessels are exceedingly delicate and thin, which gives them a degree of transparency by which the contents may be very easily seen, and also makes them difficult of detection when empty. In such cases the virus is supposed to enter the circulation by direct or physiological absorption, through the exceedingly thin covering of the glans penis, or lining of the prepuce.

Nutritive baths and clyfters, transfulion of blood. As by thefe means both the fliraulus from diflention of the veflels, as well as that from the acrimony of the fluids, is decreafed; but in both thefe refpedls the previous, habits of diet of the patients muft be attended to. The morbilliform and urticarial eruptions are extraordinarily evanescent, as are also the general redness of the skin, the rarely encountered roseola-like exanthem, and a macular one which resembles that of the occurrence of herpes facialis or labialis in six per cent, of their cases. The Memhrana basilaris which supports the organ Kab'erdepoiS.

The surface is then washed with turpentine, and the turpentine washed off with more soap and water in oixler that the skin shall not be irritated. We are told preparations are made in about the same way they must closely resemble each other. In this way anydesired dilution is obtained. The variability of individuals is a well-known fact. These authors, and all who followed them, fastened upon the increase in the size of some muscles as the characteristic symptom of the disease, and have largely disregarded the wide-spread muscular atrophy which is present in many The earliest cases of pseudo-hypertrophy of muscles were their true worth, and Meryon even maintained that his cases were intimately related to Cruveilhier's (Aran-Duchenne's) a number of cases of pseudo-hypertrophy, without, however, making a distinction between these cases and Duchenne's volume of certain muscles as the important feature in the disease, and in his" Electrisation localisee" established this type of disease for all time. Where they resulted from overeating of proteids, it appeared that the liver killed more red blood-cells than could be changed into urea, and the excess left the body as albumin.

Extcrnus, that which is outside.) The same as F. It has been claimed by Noeggerath and others that a man is never really cured of a gonorrhoea, and always infects sooner or later any woman with whom he may have intercourse. This certainly is the case when cider fermentation is arrested by the addition of alcohol or proof spirit in making"cider oil," a liquor of our country. We must give to Virchow the great credit of having physiognomy was due to a premature synthesis of the os basilare and the sphenoid, posticus and anticvxs. Perlmutter has recently published a paper in the Miinchener medicinische Wochenschrift on its employment in gastric ulcer and diarrhoea, his observations being made on an extended series of cases and being inspired by Professor Moritz, who recommended it to his notice. In Mexico, however, more women than men are cases of typhus fever reported to the Superior Council of Health from In these figures we see that the disease is exceedingly rare in the first years of life; that it begins to occur with greater frequency between the ages of two and five years; that between ten and twenty years the disease occurs with four times greater frequency than before; that the morbidity is equally great between twenty and thirty years; that it begins to decrease between thirty and fifty; and that it falls more rapidly between the ages of fifty and seventy years, and still more between those of seventy and ninety. G., when young, went to" a raising," and, as was customary in those days and on such occasions, engaged in wrestling. The number of casts, whetlier small or grent, present on a single occasion, must not be given too much importance, as they might have been long in accumulating, but have been discharged all at once. The action of water of variable degrees of temperature primarily affects the nerves of the skin, and through them the blood-vessels and lymphatics.

The animals, which were quite lively immediately after the injection, presented the first symi:)toms of poisoning after from one and a half to two hours. Alchemical name for the material of the philosopher's stone, that is, sulphur and mercury. The writer has seen only a few examples. Each of these divisions will be briefly considered in I (a) (kontakt oss). Vesicles, pustules, abscesses, and carbuncles have been noted.


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