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The obstetrician, however, musl he able to differentiate between the hemorrhage due to a laceration of the genital passages, which should show itself as a steady thin stream of bright red blood appearing within ten minute- of the birth of the child, from a flow of blood in gushes, due to retention of placental tissue, and a continuous flow of a larger volume of blood, to atony'it' The most serious form of hemorrhage is thai due to atony, because in its formation the uterus expands almost to its original size before delivery of the child, the enormous flow of blood being temporarily concealed in its cavity. In addition to cervical lama tions and frequenl pregnancies, the presence of -mall myoma or fibroma, displacements, inflammations in or around the uterus are constant sources o( danger and should he borne in mind by tin- general practitioner.

In other cases a loud blowing sound is heard over the diseased lung, which though itself impervious to air and producing no resj)iratory murmur is in its firm, solid condition a better conductor of sound and conveys to the ear the noise produced in the larger air tubes.

On leaving she again went into service. This is the parasitic cyst, and from its inner surface wOl be found projecting one hundred to two hundred little elevations like pin-heads, each representiag the head of a tape-worm and being capable of development into the mature parasite if swallowed by a dog. From the wealthier members of the Medical Profession it is hoped substantial sums will be received, but every one should feel it a duty which he owes to his less prosperous colleagues to give the most liberal donation he ca)i At the same time the eppeal is not, and ought not to be, restricted to the Medical Profession. The tissue is friable, deep-red or brownish in color, and floats upon water. Yet withal, we cannot fail to admit that the Freudian principles have made much headway Another school, that of Zurich, goes farther even than that of Vienna, for whereas the latter deals with the past, the supporters of the former look to the future, and so attempt to discover the aim of the disease. Enlargement of the superficial abdominal veins is a characteristic sign. He considered that one of the most important duties of the Proctologic Society was an educational one. Captain Kulp made the gratifying statement, in his report, that practically eveiy man of the hospital corps appeared anxious to secure experience in nursing this disease, the spread of which was prevented W the intelligent cooperation of the officers and men of the hospital. But all thcfe circumftanccs ones; for then we attend a little to the lapfe of time, and the changes of place, and to our own e:uftence; and even to our identity of perfon; for a lady feldom dreatps, that fhe is a foldier; nor:a man, that be is bi;ougbt to bed. Cases one hand, or the hand and face, are involved. Those of us who were present at the Montreal meeting cherish pleasant memories of it, and the satisfactory character of that meeting could not be better attested than by the association's decision to hold another meeting in Canada within so short a time. Tlie presence of septa make definite rules as to puncture and transillumination impossible. Wernicke's disease attacks adults, usually alcoholics; this patient was a child of five.

The natives of these cities have an inmiunity which probably results from their having suffered a mild attack during childhood, and the epidemic prevalence of the The disease indeed seemed to be almost a thino- of the past and no lonw'er gave any uneasiness in the eoimtries of Europe which had its appearance in the city of Canton, China, and three months later in Hongkong. He pours forth a torrent of commingled ticulate, sounds. The laryngeal paralysis represents disintegration (atrophy) of ganglion-cells in the bulbar origin of the spinal accessory nerve; lingual atrophic paralysis indicates the same lesion in the nuclei of the hypoglossal nerves; the labio-buccal symptoms are produced by lesion of the facial nerve nucleus (inferior facial nucleus of older writers); the paralysis of the muscles of mastication is due to extension of cell-degeneration to the motor nucleus of the trigeminus in the pons; and the final cardio-pulmonary symptoms indicate an extension of the lesion into the sensory (?) origin of the pneumogastric nerves (lexapro buy online india).

Measles is not followed by a true desquamation, although there may be some branny exfoliation due to the strictly localized death of the epithelium by interference with its nutrition through its capillary circulation. Let the delicate granulations alone. The lower limbs usually escape, but when they are involved the cHnical picture may be that of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

If the toxemia has developed slowly and steadily and the constitutional signs and urinalysis keep pace with one another in giving evidence of tlie accumulation of toxines;"if in spite of treatment the patient's con dition steadily gets worse or after showing improvement manifests at intervals sudden relapses, the only safe course is to terminate the Boyer seems to place tlie greatest reliance on morphia as a therapeutic agent. Though the meaning of such incidents is less sinister in early life, they reveal an ill-balanced state of the nervous system and an imperfect process of nutrition in the growing body. The affection, however, should not be abandoned to nature, as treatment is often of value. Can you wonder that they used itt The doctors in any other State, under similar pressure, it is dangerous for any of us to throw stones. There is no inspection of these children, and the relief given is that which is given without a doctor's orders in case of illness, even though there may be young children in the familv. And these are the very ones we are apt to fail on, the cases which after a time come back and report no relief or ofttimes drift off to some one else. When we stoj) to think that a full-term baby onl weighs seven jxiunds, and that a ten-pound fibroid is about a large as the largest baby, to cut up the tumor for the sake c taking it out through the vagina, when it can be much mot easily removed through the abdomen, calls more for admiratio the ingenuitj- on the i)ait of vaginal sectionists than it ted one side of this question, namely, that puerperal abises, when treated by vaginal puncture and drainage, are olutely cured. There was no injury to this important structure. If ever there was a question which in its future bearing affected the United It would be highly appropriate that the Agriculturists of the different States, Western and Southern, as well a.s Eastern, should petition Congress to take this matter up and adopt such measures as would foreyer rid our country of tMs most insidious of all animal plagues.


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