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On the supposition that a carriei might be found in the restaurants at Castner, Widals were made on specimens of blood from the seven Chinese employees of the First Infantry restaurant and the four Chinese' employees of the Fourth Cavalry restaurant.

He very gene Everj effort was made to include in this examination all children in the vi under E age. As the years passed and the strength of the Army increased, the analytical work devolving upon the laboratory reached such volume that it could not be handled with the existing facilities. The law of electrotonus is equally true of sensory and of motor nerves. Every sentence, indeed, of the chapter now in hand is a revelation. A little boric acid ply to the lungs.

It is in the way of putting on too small a wet dressing that many the best form of wet dressing for these as well as other imrposes. The whole number reported as attending school some portion of the year is about eighty per cent. His son was the well-known Dr Robert Macnish, honourably known in the republic of letters as the Modern Pythagorean of" Blackwood," and the author of" The Anatomy of Drunkenness," DEATH OF MR JOHN CRICHTON, SURGEON, DUNDEE. Some six months later the, Parents," which will be enjoyed by all fath- skin began to die again, and the patient's i' article on our newest State, Oklahoma, out the illness.

It is, however, proposed to append to each article some of the more important characters by which it may be recognised, and the tests by which its purity may be ascertained; and, lastlj'-, the names of the different officinal preparations into which it enters as an important ingredient, will be enumerated. Everything in regard to results was in early times mostly supposed to be due to the secrect skill or facility with which operations were performed. It was impossible for the number of experienced men available to make the examinations properly in the time alio ted. Another matter of great interest is the fact, mentioned by Colonel Firth, that no cent in the case of typhoid.

Iiig to health it became necessary to treat of diseases appearing on the skin, some of His and Freudweiler have not long since which are contagious and which, if neg- produced evidence to account for the lected, would readily spread among those Sodium Urate deposits in cases of gout, living together in tents, unless some sani- They showed that an inflammatory process, tary precautions were taken. Often unite more firmly than before; but the blunt (u-obe may stretch tliciii so as to afford lasting relief.

The following abstract of a report is of much interest: The mobilization of such a large army as has been accomplished during the year is months more than a million men have been assembled in our camps, held together for intensive training, and sent over the sea. The insidious onset of this disease among recruits and its rapid spread, when once started, through congested quarters, has, in the past, necessitated the cessation of recruiting for months and the rapid evacuation of the depots; all ordinary methods for the control of those epidemics having proved unavailing.

Maximuspill eregra

: excitation is caused not by the continuous flow of a current, but by changes of intensity within this law to mean that excitation depends iipoti the rsite altered by the application of some extirnal force, and found this law to be in harmony with his law of"polar excitation with the sudden rise of irritability which occurs at the cathode on llie closing, and at the anode upon the can be explained by the cheniico-physicid effects of the sought in the electrolytic changes which the current influence of the cathode the Splitting up of chemical compounds in the tissue is ha.stened (dissimilation occurs), and so negativity is produced in the neighborhood REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE HEEDICAL SCIENCES.

Perhaps the dosage of the organism was insufficient, as no reaction occurred during the ten vaccinations. In the tests iiiaile wiihcmt vaemini,'h tlie slcani exhaustt r is not used, llie outlet wliich leads from the bottom ot the apparatus and wliieli allows the eseape of water, the result of condensation, is opened for a moment after the chamber is closed, to allow a certain amount of the air contained iu the chamber to be forced out by the incoming steam. The catheter,s accidentally, or, if attention was bv any that more or less well developed ribs are grene, or paralysis of the muscles of the liable to be met with in connexion with the hand. No child should be put to think until they were eight years old.

Professor Miller distinguished innovations from improvements in surgery; and, while hospital surgeons should adopt the latter, he maintained that they should exercise due reserve in regard to the former. I was asked to see the patient in consultation. .potassium iodide should be given.

Nichols on the gall bladder carrier problei"Experimental Observations on the Pathogenisis of Gall Bladd Infections in Typhoid, Cholera, and Dysentery," which appeart This hospital serves as the general hospital for the Eastern Unit States and as the post hospital for Washington Barracks. A CASE OF BLACKWATEE FEVEE AND A SUGGESTION.


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