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If any particular habit shall become inveterate, health cannot be supported if it be laid aside too abruptly. All this is now nearly laid aside. The Western doctor replied that accounted for so many young men, after graduating, setting themselves up as specialists, and who, for instance, as gynecologists, saw all diseases through the vaginal speculum, which department had become a very favorite study a wonderful improvement the old college has made, even from our modem standpoint, for, let me tell you, that three years ago I was in the East, and, of course, visited the colleges, and I haven't found a medical school better equipped than this one is to-day." The two friends visited other colleges in this city with satisfaction to our Western friend, but he found the sanle fault with the others, that of treating patients gratis, who could, and would pay, if compelled to do so.

His descriptions of the solution of the members and limbs of the human frame are portrayed by the As a sanitary precaution against poisoned wounds, he applied the simplest specifics, and is claimed to have been the pustular malady, in its general characteristics exhibiting a close identity with the variole, was sketched out so early as the beginning of the second century by Herodotus, a disciple of Agathinus. In the brain it produces head-ach, vertigo, coma, apoplexy and palsy.

With a great deal of moldy feed (and there was a large quantity of shelled corn shipped to North Carolina this season in this condition) we have had more or less trouble with mycotic poisoning cases. When he saw it, he was impressed with the necessity for immediate operation. The people are, moreover, fettered by a language pronounced by Professor Williams to be tongues." Though the most ancient, it is probably the most intractable of all scholar indifferent to other tongues, because it is impossible for him to study them through the medium of his own. He asserts that patients subject to attacks of tonsillitis do not commonly aflbrd a history of rheumatism proximate or remote, while, on the other hand, the rheumatic individual rarely suffers from inflammation of the tonsils; that it is noteworthy that the tonsil in later life becomes less and less disposed to acute attacks, while the rheumatic ajjfe is more confirmed. In operating upon any part of the Vermiform Appendix? expose a portion of it without opening- the peritoneal cavity? FINAL EXAMINATION IN THE LATTER HALF OF a.

Bandages of different devices and applied in various ways have been suggested, but none of them are so effective as the ordinary surgeon's adhesive plaster applied in the During the past year we have adopted this method in the Maternity of the Presbyterian Hospital, and since employing it in every case, mastitis has become a thing of the past. In very young children he used it only by inunction, and he thought it was of service cod -liver oil is not taken into the blood, there would be no argument in favor of its administration. The author attributes the cause of the goitre to tlie presence of calcium and magnesium carbonate in the water. They describe its preparation and give the following rules to govern its therapy: I. The month ot August was remarkably wet and drizzly; the grain "non prescription zyloprim" much damaged bv mildew and rust. The rate of diminution becomes much faster in the second year. Two years, the committee thinks, should see such a structure completed, and it is to be hoped that by that time ways and means will be apparent for rebuilding on the While it is the opinion of the committee that no work should be undertaken until an acceptable plan is fully matured for the entire new structure, conclusions have been reached with regard to certain volumes and so placed as to allow of indefinite expansion by superimposing extra stories. Water, then, for drinking purposes, especially in the tropics, must be rendered safe by one means or another. The symptoms vary, however, according to the organ principally affected. The problem of maintaining an adequate supply of fresh water while at sea has become far less serious than formerly as a result of the development by the Office of the Surgeon General of a new process whereby laundry can be washed in sea water. From the clinical side it is not to be compared with Dejerine for completeness or for interest, and it is not so well founded on anatomical correlations as Stewart's shorter work, but it supplements the work of these other authors in a highly commendatory manner.

In the words of one of the boys, the professor is a man after our own heart, and in advance we can guarantee him a hearty Dr. He stands with eyes closed and feet together without much difficulty, and darkaess has very little effect on his sensibility to pain are somewhat diminished in botii upper and lower extremities.

Once a week, I injected the emulsion of the cells ot the mucous membrane of the stomach of a rabbit into the peritaneal cavity of an other normal rabbit. The striking difference between the variegated movements of advanced animal life and the limited rigid movement of inorganic matter is found in this; in the movements of animal organisms there is witnessed the operation of volition, i.e., the organism, in certain directions, may do things or leave them undone as it elects; even the amoeba, the prototype of all the animal kingdom in this behalf, floating in its supporting medium, may simply float as a globular speck of protoplasm or it may project a pseudopod, seize a bit of food and convert it into its own tissue; whereas if atoms of oxygen and hydrogen come into contact under appropriate environment they must unite in definite proportions and form water, and from this destiny there is no escape and no modification, and no atomic matter has other line of action.

I do not recollect that the French had ever so great a force in this part of America at so early a period: for these forts, from very large decayed timbers lying in them, and large timber growing over, the others falling down, must be at least two hundred years old: the forts are, besides, too numerous for mere stations; and great collections of human bones are found in them, which shews they have been occupied for many years. This is proved by the pathological state of the vessels and by the relation of tlie disease to anaemia, chlorosis, and to infectious diseases, etc. Six-tenths of the amount used was found. Ophthalmoscopical examination revealed the presence of vitreous opacities and a detachment of the retinae which was more pronounced on the left side. He had had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Alkalis, therefore, whether fixed or volatile, would seem to be incapable of destroying the solid matter of the teeth, whatever their action may be upon the gums. Hence it is, that so large a traffic in pills, under such an endless variety of names, is carried on in Europe and America.


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