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At the suggestion of the Bronx County Medical Society on the urgency of solving the problems of the shortage of interns, it was decided to take positive action on a two-year rotating internship. It is far superior and more active than hot air in its profound influence on the organism. Disturbance of vesical or rectal functions. It appears that our financial and medical participation in such groups, and others previously mentioned, enhances medical guidance of medical interests and draws support by others to our needs. Hale, Jr., Chairman Erie Vernon Weinstein, Vice-Chairman New York Harold G.

Age, and removed a gestation sac with the fcetus and placenta from the right side of the pelvis. Calcagno has described very aptly the general plan of parenteral fluid therapy in surgical patients, which he has found to be both practical and workable.

Tube came out on sixth ful recovery, and at once resumed her duties. The differentiation from malignant disease of the stomach will have to be based upon the situation of the palpable tumor and its degree of mobility, the frequency and the time of vomiting, and the situation and the time of occurrence of the pain. If legal obstacles should cause undue delay or difficulty, legislation could be enacted to accomplish the same thing.

These Bernutz advises at the approach of a catamenial period both to promote the flow, and to facilitate the absorption of the pelvic tumour. Thus we saw that the lack of mucus also played a role in bringing about the first lesion of the gastric mucous membrane. If there is anaemia, and this associated with dribbling bloody discharge from the uterus, acid chalybeates, such as the sulphate or perchloride of iron, combined with mineral acids and other tonics, may be prescribed.

If a tube is introduced more than twice, it is of advantage to constructed tube or one which does not and should be placed vipon the table within easy reach. Brash, Beatrice Lincoln cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, New'York City, Surgeon-General. He is a descendant of the early bovine settlers of Texas when the cattlemen bred largely to horns and head. Temporary improvement followed, and in four days three pints more were withdrawn. Some are painfully conscious of the action of every organ in the body. Many of those cases admitted of no difference of opinion regarding the diagnosis, and all authorities would pronounce them trachoma.

Following the writing of my first article on the gation of the subject thoroughly for several days, and these additional observations were embodied in a more extended essay which was read before the subsequently before the Pennsylvania State Medical While finding many points of interest confirmative of the opinion expressed in my previous paper, I have found nothing which throws any doubt upon the conclusions reached at that time.

Tutt, an English veterinarian, recommends the following; Clip when necessary, including the tail. The case may have to be abandoned.

Other dogs that had coccidiosis were used in experiments that complicate the post "over the counter periactin" mortem findings and D. As to the kind of catheter to be made use of, I think we have a most excellent one in the silk-web or velvet eyed rubber catheter.

Such was his opinion, at least judging from the following notice he had inserted in the daily press soon after he opened his office, practice of medlciDe. Thus she infects his blood with the cycle is re-enacted again and again. In this case tendon lengthening was preferred to simple tenotomy in order to avoid all risk of talipes calcaneus.

A child of two years should take of the lO-per-cent.

Ox bile stimulates the liver to increase free flow of natural bile thus pro SAMPLES AND LITERATURE ON REQUEST Used in the bath SARDO releases suspension which enhances your other excessive moisture with a fine convenient, easy to use, pine-scented DIPHTHERIA AND TETANUS TOXOIDS WITH PERTUSSIS AND POLIOMYELITIS VACCINES without damaging carton. This suggested a repetition of the remark by Ramazzini more than two hundred years ago, that the physician should inquire into the trade followed by the patient, for, as he said, a just regard to the fact of employment"would be of greater service in facilitating the cure." Even the most radical factory legislation, resting upon a medical basis and carried out by medical inspectors, could not hope to reach a large number of persons individually employed under conditions of continuous exposure to a dust-laden atmosphere.


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