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Hismethod was the extraperitoneal treatment of the pedicle.

In his experience no patient has ever complained of it, and movements of the trunk undoubtedly increase the risks of non-union. The resen'oir, a glass bottle, stands upon a table near the bed and is connected with the perforated tube in the vagina. He had enjoyed habitual good whilst endeavouring to extinguish a fire.

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The spirit of investigation stimulated by the discovery of the circulation of the blood was soon at work in various directions. Details so vivid, and yet so prosaically developed in the police-court, may perhaps so stir the activity of legislators as to lead to the registration and sanitary supervision of baby-farms and of all places where infants are received at nurse THE DOMESTIC USE OF THE THERMOMETER. Make a smooth emulsion, with a small quantity of water, of the croton-oil, oil of malefern, and gum Arabic.

In vegetable life, each atom in reproducing a number of its own species dies, at the same time that it gives origin to a"residual organized product," which may go on accumulating almost ad infinitum, as for instance in trees, in some of which the successive layers of wood can be counted back for centuries of existence; for in vegetable life the only death required is that of the organizing atom; in animal life, not only does the organizing atom die, but also the organized residual product, which as muscle, or brain, or nerve, dies away, and reverts to its primeval inorganic components, in giving birth to its respective muscular, We hope that Dr. For treatment he had used all the remedies which had been recommended, but was not satisfied with any one of them, and he had again returned to the older methods. The real problem in dealing with this matter is to distinguish between tlie accidental or occasional, and the habitual criminal. It is of the utmost importance that the above the fracture, be provided with this tightly fitting compression bandage, as it would be impossible to endure a perpendicular position of the injured limb without it. The book can be purchased at local book stores, through the publishers, the Bobs-Merrill Company, or from Dr. The Lancet reports of the Kepler Extract of Malt: Extract of Malt. The indications for Schede's thoracoplasty are very clear. Incidentally, it would be interesting to know how much the active cooperation of insurance people helped the doctors defeat socialized medicine advocates.

We purpose on the present occasion to say a few words on some of the questions which it suggests, not so much in the hope of offering any solution of them as of helping their further discussion. He had had a case of lipoma of the retropharj-ngeal operation, for a retro-pharyngeal abscess. In the face of such evidence, is it not illogical and unfit that medical men should argue against a modern practice, because it goes to upset an old and time-honoured theory; and, while they recognise the importance of the pathological and physiological investigations of late years, yet steadily refuse to admit it in practice, thus making the discreditable avowal that medical knowledge and practice cannot agree? One valid argument exists, that of experience. The sulphur mixture (sulphur and honey) to be taken in table-spoonfuls every hour diluted with milk and tea; in the evening an enema with bran and honey; inunction of the abdomen with oil of henbane and then linseed-meal poultices; and lastly broth and bitter infusion. I give a single drop every fifteen minutes, and continue this two or three hours, if necessary. He is very grateful for the National Service Corps program. On the evening of the third day after the wound, the patient noticed, after being wet through by a cold rain, that he could no longer open his mouth. The starch-water is made about as thick as thin cream, and given tepid.


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