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The sixth or eighth month, carry out appropriate resectional surgery.

In a word, this difeafe may cither proceed from too great a laxity of the organs which fccrete the urine, from fomething that ftimulates the kidneys too much, or from a thin diflblved Hate of the blood, which makes too great a quantity of it run off by the urinary paffages.

This promotes a more rapid and a more effective stimulation of the sudorific glands. Pain in Dyspnea supervenes early; respiration Acute Pleurisy with Effusion. Candidates seeking election by a Branch Council should apply to the. In closing, I wish to thank you much for your courtesy in so attentively listening to what I have had to say on the few points which I have been attempting to impress upon you, and to express my appreciation of the honor done me by your instructors in asking me to speak to you in this place. The accuracy of observation can not be doubted, and hence conclusions can only be vitiated by two factors, the preparation used and the dose exhibited. In clinical pathology, the term, osteomyelitis, is used in a collective sense to designate inflammation of all the different tissues of the bone, including the periosteum and the an inflammatory process, may be mechanical as by fracture, infective as by growth of certain pathogenic organisms, or physiochemic (physiologic?) as is presumed by some in arthritis deformans, osteomyelogenous neoplasmata, etc. If he takes any thing ftronger, it (hould be fine mild ale, which is lels heating than wines or fpirits. At this writing, ten days from the date of his infection, the eye is almost perfectly white, and the patient is thoroughly comfortable. A fresh undertrained man makes a better race than the stale one. I propose to take a short course of medicine for one or two months and to check whatever difficulty there may be "pines enlarge oil" right at the start. This he attribotes to nrgleft who breathe uiiwholcfome air, take little exercife, the deftruftion of many. The main idea of Lord Methuen's operation was to march a division at once to Swink's Pan, to work one battery round each flank, and to send cavalry and mounted infantry well forward with the object of capturing the eastern force. The use of Casoid Foods calls for the establishment of no elaborate or involved regime. Also flush wound with Carbolic Acid solution. The stream of water, which has been steadily flowing, is now projected with gentle force against the walls of the uterus, washing away adherent blood-clots, detaching portions of hanging membrane, and everywhere neutralizing the influence of the poison which After the first injection, the position of the patient need not be disturbed, but the injections may be given as she lies In some cases, in which I have had reason to suspect that portions of the placenta or membranes have been retained, I have chloroformed the patient, passed the hand, rendered thoroughly aseptic, within the cavity, and very gently scraped off adherent masses from the uterine walls, using the nails as a curette, as Wilson, of Baltimore, has clots and adherent secundines, with great apparent advantage. Colic is about the only thing that ever ails my horses, and if baking soda in a quart of water and repeat in half an hour if necessary. The area of precordial dulness was enormously increased, but its exteuf-ion upwards was proportionately less than that to the right and left sides, especially the latter, the left border of the dull area passing in a slanting direction across the axillary region, the base of the left lung being at the time resonant. It affects old and young alike, but one attack is believed to make the animal immune. Creosote inhalations on alternate days were given for two months. Such an institute could easily determine the extent and wide spread of the disease. In later cases, if the sticking plaster is properly applied and is of good quality, this is not necessary. Spinal Cord Injury Consulting surgeons who attained Fellowship status in the American College of Chest Deutscher, M.D., of Yuma; and Larry welcomes the following Physicians who U.


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