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One of the two patients died, two weeks after the treatment had cleared up the throat, of broncho-pneumonia. In order to obviate the inconvenience attaching to this, we recommend those who are in the habit of using this instrument to close the lid and then immediately to reopen it, when the current will be found to have returned to its previous power.

Taken together they pi a fan-shaped, triangular appearance, the tubes converging toward the hilusof the ovary.

Teach baby to drink as soon as possible and discard the bottle altogether. Besides, the treatment in vogue, the swabbing, the spray, etc., was disgusting to him (prednisone used for rash). Thb Chairman thought that a great deal of blame had been unjustly placed upon plaster of Paris by the leader.

The intervals between the physician's visits are longer, and patients cannot be subjected to the general discipline of a hospital ward. The Senate of the University, at various meetings within the last few days, have discussed this proposed measure; and, with the exception of an insignificant minority, have pronounced decidedly against it. Minute ciliated infusoria have been found abundantly in the blood of the musk-deer, and in that of other animals, and their piesence seems also to be of little consequence to the"hosts" which contain them; but it is quite otherwise if we have to do with bacteria or fungus-germs existing as rise to very trivial effects, apparently because they soon die in a soil which is unsuitable for them; but if found to exist in this situation in the course of disease, the results are quite different. Occasional attacks of pain in the hepatic and epigastric regions remained, as did also tenderness on pressure. During this month, however, the dizziness was slowly improving, and one day she told me that she had read some in a magazine, for the first time in a year, as before that reading always brought on a sense of distress in the head. The situation in regard to the auxiliary sciences has not changed since the time of Liebig, Mtiller and Yirchow. Species of Iris cultivated for this object in the south of Europe, especially in the vicinity of Florence, are the sources of this article.

It does not appear to me that either of the opinions expressed sufficiently explains the morbid appearances found after death, or, at least, explains them in the logical manner of which they are susceptible. The case reported bj Haller and dob, and referred to under the head of pancreatitis, Case l. For these higher dilutions the time limit losing its power of giving a decided reaction, as both to of reaction shown by the same serum is influenced by the age, condition, and virulence of the test culture, and by the composition and reaction of the culture that the reaction may be delayed or occasionally may not be obtained in cases of genuine typhoid infection; investigating exceptional and contradictory results the following circumstances have to be considered: (a) The uncertainty of clinical diagnosis; (b) the absence of bacteriological or other confirmatory methods of diagnosis during life, giving decisive negative results; (c) the possibility of overlooking typhoid infection even post mortem, in the absence of characteristic intestinal lesions when a very thorough bacteriological the divergencies existing in the reports of different observers. Nor would he be willing to admit that in every case of ectopic gestation both tubes and ovaries were involved. It is impossible to give the details of Ehrlich's seven years of work on this problem; a brief description of the main results must suffice. Robinson, and now by Charley Smyth. On the other hand, if the case is one that has been of some weeks' standing the treatment can be commenced at once.

The detection of the" whirring" noise thus made enabled us accurately to determine by auscultation the location and size of the organ. He was steadily excluded from posts of honour and credit in the Faculty and the Societies, and derided by the professors of the Faculty.

The fenestrated surfaces of the blades give an extraordinarily firm grip without any uncomfortable sense of pinching. This substance in a single could be given with safety), cured definitely chicken spirillosis; a single small dose destroyed the spiroUa of relapsing fever in infected mice, and a single injection of one seventh the dosis tolerata, caused the spirochete of syphilis to disappear completely from the ezperimental lesions of the rabbit within twenty-four hours.


Consider how great must have been the joy of Pasteur and of Lister when they realized that the consequences of their investigations must lessen forever plague and pestilence and pain in men, and in the lower animals as well, and must permanently remove much of the blind struggle against mysterious agencies of disease and death.

Of cases and deaths from contagions diseases reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, for the Pan-American Medical Congress, at its meeting held to institute a systematic study of the American medicinal flora, through the medium of a general commission and of special subcommissions, the latter to be the medicinal plants of the United States from every one in a position to accord it. It is, however, very disagreeable to the patient, and the danger of perforation is present. No other remedy known to me can take its place, unless it be that remarkable influence exerted by travel, involving as it does a change of climate, scene, diet, etc. Beside cardiac and organic circulatory disorders, as well as chronic lung and liver affections in which the circulation of the stomach is disturbed, and consequently acts noxiously upon the series of diseases which by their proximity affect the gastric wall, making the latter responsible for the ailment.


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