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The Historical Evolution of Medical Doctrines Primitive man found himself confronted with functional disabilities. There is no type or form of organic paralysis which may not be simulated in hysteria (Osier); hemiplegia, paraplegia, monoplegia, all occur. During the next week these embryos grow in the man's intestine to adult worms and make their way into the mucous membrane. .Tohn Stirton, The New GLASGOW ROYAL INFIRMARY AUTUMN POST-GRADUATE These include Demonstrations on Diseases and Injuries of the Eye, Surgical Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder, Clinical Medicine, Clinical Surgery, Diseases of the Ear, Diseases of Throat and Nose, Hiematology, Gynsecology, Practical Pathology and Bacteriology. For instance, a woman has a pain in the right side. The waters contain chloride of calcium and sulphate of lime; chloride of sodium, and sulphate of soda; carbonate of iron, and carbonic acid gas (procomil sprey 45cc). During the past ten years more or less fruitful effoi'ts have been made to elucidate its pathology and to place the treatment on a scientific basis.

Each event is registered on the brain as a memory with varying degrees of clearness, and what cannot be recalled is referred to as unconscious. They are arranged at the base of the tongue in two oblique lines, having the shape of the letter V, and united angularly at the foramen caecum. The treatment must be energetic, even if the patient feels practically well. Suitable and regular exercise (mental as well as muscular) prevents"rusting" and reveals defects in the vital mechanism, so that it exerts perhaps an even more preventive than curative action in regard to disease. In favor of the first view is the effect of the drug"adrenalin," or"epinephrin," which is an extract of these glands and is now widely used. A, orifice of the Eustachian tube. The appendix was pathological; its tip was bulbous and there were numerous adhesions around it.

Several members of the Ambu lance Detachment of the First Newfoundland Begiment fell in Gallipoli, one of them whilst perform ing a deed of greatest gallantry.

Foci of infection Doctor Thomas has pointed out. Woods, Waynesboro, read We had interesting discussions on both Dr.

This madnefs is much inculcated by the ftoic philofophy. Heat, acids, and alcohol coagulate it. One of the three branches of the ophthalmic nerve of Willis. Tonsillitis was formerly considered a complication, but now it is recognized as the primary factor, and the present conviction of clinicians is that, were the throat properly treated, the number of cases of rheumatism, heart disease, and chorea would be greatly diminished.

Sometimes two or three pterygia occur on the same eye.

One sometimes hears medical men, well-meaning enough but innocent of any real acquaintance with the manner of working of the mind of the scientist, declare that" there is no place for imagination, or for hypothesis, in diagnostic work" and that" the real diagnostician should content himself with facts." But the truth is that everyone who does good work in clinical diagnosis is compelled, whether he is cognizant of it or not, to form hypotheses before he arrives at satisfactory diagnostic conclusions, A study of the conditions under which hypotheses should be permitted to arise and a knowledge of how to deal with these hypotheses once they have arisen in the mind would seem, then, to be indispensable for the higher walks of clinical diagnosis. On the other hand, it has been held that sewerman's enteritis, contracted while working in a sewer, was not injury by accident, as the enteritis was contracted gradually in not possible that the sudden and unexpected inhalation of concentrated sewer gas might bring on enteritis in a pei'son who is susceptible and unaccustomed to the work i If so, why should this not be injury by accident? An interesting question was raised by a correspondent in the British Medical Journal a few years ago. Both from a scientific and practical aspect we have ample evidence of energetic and enthusiastic workers, whose efiforts have attained a high level, and give promise of maintaining the Society in the prominent position it has so long held. Resume of Fifty-Eight Cases of Radical Pancreaticoduodenectomy Collected to Thus it is evident that the question of disturbed fat metabolism in a patient whose pancreas is completely isolated from the gastrointestinal tract is not as yet completely answered, and only a large number of patients surviving the operation from three to five years will provide the necessary data for an accurate statement in this regard.

I wish to call attention briefly to certain experimental work that has a direct bearing on the question of Presbyterian Hospital and Rush Medical College, studied experimentally the coronary arteries in dogs. The symptoms in these cases are those of the general disease.


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