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John Hunter, Toronto, read this paper. In Europe the larva of the ox bot-fly or" warble-fly" (Hypoderma bovis) is occasionally found under the skin of those engaged in tending cattle; cutaneous myiasis has also been traced to the bot-fly of the roe-deer and red-deer (H. It is intended to signify, operations are as regularly performed in crytoganions as in not manifest, even under the lens. In view of the solubility and dijTusibility of chloroform in fats, they suggest that the liver cell fat determines the fixation of choloroform and occurrence of necrosis. It boils and wheels, and foams and thunders through; Till pouring on, it proudly seeks the deep; Whose vanquish'd tide, recoiling from the sho.ck, Yields to this liquid weight of half the globe. A comparison of the results obtained on the two sides is then made. To Roger of Parma, a graduate of the School of Salerno in the early part of the thirteenth century, is generally ascribed the honor of founding modern surgery. Clinic for the study of Glanders at Dorpat. The nursing child aids uterine involution. Two of the three sons have been obliged all through life to limit most strictly their amount of exercise. Gowers describes a type of case in which visual disturbance, like that preceding attacks of megrim, occurs frequently during many years as an isolated symptom. Of the latter drug Brunton says,' It is of little use in pneumonia.'" The difficulty of determining the value of treatment in pneumonia, it appears to me, lies in our inability to estimate the part played by treatment in the ultimate results in a large collection of cases. ExcejU by almost constant When we consider that today stricture is much les- prevalent than formerly, we arrive at an explanation of the common causes in the production of this lesion. Some physicians, have as many as forty lodges or associations to look after, but the majority have only two or is to make a house to house canvass in various districts and to make contracts with as many families as possible for medical sen.nces for the whole family at ten cents a week or one dollar for the quarter year, payable in advance. In our description we endeavor to get unequivocal statements, learn to avoid all tenns which are open to confusion, and wherever we are in any doubt about terms we strive to resort to a plain statement of events in simple, nontechnical language. Doses up to thirty or forty grains at a single injection, were repeated as often as every four to six hours. Ceive that the decay of animals increases the quantity of such matter as is fitted to become the food of vegetables, and vice versa. One of the first necessities is to keep the conjunctival sac free from pus. Of my Tuesday me suffering from an arthropathy of the right thigh.

Pyo-salpinx was diagnosed and operation advised. In mixed cultures, as also in the body, only those organisms survive which are best antagonistic to the cholera spirillum. Apart from the dyspnoea which results on exertion, attacks of breathlessness and cyanosis are apt to occur without apparent cause, and may prove fatal. A patch of these bodies extends between ihe mouths of the two Eustachian tubes the back of the pharynx, and is called the"pharyngeal tonsil." Hunter Kolliker, in ISM, confirmed the existenceof the pharyngeal tonsil; he also hinted that what appeared to be similar follicles were to be found in other parts his"Gewebelehre," he definitely stated that these are lymphoid follicles; in the simple as well as compound, analogous to the tonsils, are met with in the vault of the pharynx, where the mucous membrane is closely attached to the base of the skull.

Blood derivatives present in the serum as a result of hemorrhage disappear as a rule after four days. Reprinted from Thi A Clinical Study on Alopecia Areata and its Treatment, by L. Neither resorcinol nor compound tincture of benzoin, used alone, had much effect, but when these two agents were combined the results were so good as to lead the author to adopt the following formula for routine treatment: This is applied freely once or twice daily to the affected regions. This may depend upon the existence of a large accessory antral opening, which serves to drain the cavity in a backward direction. However, if the attacks are severe, it is well to give the cinchonidine at other times.

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