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The following were the conditions of Forty-eight hours before her death her temperature, which had previously been about normal, went up to loi.

A bill has been introduced into the senate of the legislature of the State of New York, providing for the taking over of the plants of the Ithaca Light and Power Company, and the Ithaca Water Supply Company so far as they concern the water supply by city water commission of six persons, appointed by the mayor. The author reported three cases of the disease, and described the mode of application of electricity, also the battery used. Further, the killing off of the pneumococci in the serum of animals treated with the drug is a gradual process, lasting several hours, according to the dosage of the drug and the amount of inoculation, etc.

The most probable explanation of the Argyll Robertson pupils in this case is that it was due to irritation of the centre for contraction of the pupil in the floor of the aqueduct at the level of the anterior corpora quadrigemina. Later (after forty-eight to seventy-two hours) the adrenals, though still swollen, are quite pale.

Good nutritious food should always be given Hot Climates and Health: retin a instructions.

Formerly the occupants of prisons were defectively nourished, partly with a view to economy, and occasionally for the purpose of aggravating x)unishment.

Various forms of portable sputum receptacles are described and illustrated. Proper preliminary treatment was of the utmost importance.

The process of salting, however, was not very effectual, since the entire bodies were found to be permeated with living bacteria. The aflfair was shrouded in mystery, until Holmgren, suspecting the accident might have been due to color blindness, pursued investigations and confirmed his suspicions, which finally led to the general adoption of colorsense examination, of more or less perfect character, in nearly every civilized country in the world.

The more common results which may ensue, if enumerated somewhat in the order of their gravity, and more or less likely, in proportion to the extent of the laceration, are, primarily, septica;mia, and, secondarily, sterility, cystocele, rectocele, and prolapsus, with consequent derangements of the pelvic circulation, as shown by endometritis, cervicitis, cystitis, and and e-xtensive reflex neuralgic irritation from the cicatrices.

Of pain due to loss of mobility of joints. The albumoses and peptones, when injected hypodermically, produce fever, leukocytosis, alterations in the coagulability of the blood, haemolysis, and cellular degenerations of mild degree, all conditions not particularly associated with so-called gastro-intestinal auto-intoxication. His investigation of tuberculosis resulted first in his classification of the diseases into neoplastic and inflammatory forms, but latterly he recognized the bacillary forms.

Her pre-med education was with the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. Finally, I remind you that it is not necessary to make a specific psychiatric diagnosis in order to adequately handle a psychiatric ten less common in a study and IS month follow-up of THE JOURNAL OF THE ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY Vitrectomy, a Valuable Means for the Restoration of Since the introduction of closed eye pars plana vitrectomy surgery, vitrectomy techniques have the removal of a diseased vitreous body, a previously normal transparent gelatinous material that occupies the posterior segment of the eye. Fifty per cent, of the population are either producers or live in intimate contact with the producer and therefore cannot be restrained in their consumption by any rationing. Paralysis of lower extremities with clonic sjjasms, following on a fall eleven years before.

Hemorrhages may occur in any of the organs of the body and may be the immediate cause The hemorrhagins contained in different venoms vary in amount, ancl are not quite identical so far as their reaction to the antivenins is concerned. In regard to the frequency of cancer developing from ulcers, one has to rely upon the statistics of the Mayo school since their material is large. Elachistodontinse, with the rudimentary teeth situated on the os plattinum and os ptergoideum in the back part of the jaw.

We may not always agree regarding the methods by whicli nature is to ha interrogated; there can be no full credit to him for sincerity in his opinions, and we would add that our oiuisriion of his medical title was entirely unintentional. The injections were made by A suspension of the organism was made by scraping the surface of an agar growth into sterile salt solution.


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