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The differential diagnosis from malaria in severe cases is easily made from the countenance of the patient, indicating a grave condition quite different from an attack of ague. They were not here two days ago.

This was controlled by torsion and compression. Knowing how powerful an influence it has in controlling inflammatory action, stated when upon the subject of encephalitis) I should not give it with the direct that some few very desperate cases have got well, the improvement commencing at the time when the mercurial influence on the system was becoming apparent; and that in other cases, the occurrence of salivation has been followed by no alleviation of the symptoms, but the disease has run on, unchecked, to its fatal terminaiion. We would premise that, while endeavoring to make a liberal allowance for all necessary expenses, we have supposed that the student, while living comfortably, and denying himself no real advantage in the pursuit of his studies, practices the strictest economy.

It is important to remember that sudden noises, or anything which suddenly startles a child, may result in a convulsive attack. It is best here to avoid sutures, The first duty of the surgeon in such cases, is to attend to the bladder, or it may be distended to bursting, as the patient is entirely unable to feel any thing below the fracture. He made a simple puncture in the layer, which gave exit to more than half a pint of fetid pus, mingled with hepatic debris and some bile. A common form is that of a more or less chronic mixed infection with the diflFerent species of the malarial parasite, leading to a long-coQtinued fever which is marked by irregular remissions. For Corrections and Names Received Too Late for Regular Insertion, see Supplement. Press, alluding to some observations made by Dr. The symptoms of syphilis of the lung are generally those of pneumonic phthisis, from which, during life, there may be no certain means of distinguishing it; even after death, the distinction cannot always be made between gumma and tubercle, especially when the gummy nodules are in a state of caseation, or are infiltrated. In a very young child, the night dress will be a loose Sleep, to a child, is as important as food or air. For this purpose I strongly recommend the same measure spoken of in the treatment of bronchitis in children, namely, that the child should sleep in a bag of canton flannel, the upper end tied securely about the neck. Our weapons must combat the spread of the scourge, as we cannot annul it, by enriching the already depurated blood, by rousing the processes of excretion to greater energy, particularly by attracting the poison to the skin, as the surest channel for elimination, by reforming the apostate tissues through the use of means designed to stop the incessant The tartrate ferri et potass., recently pushed into notice as the unfailing antagonist of the pox, does not deserve to be thus singled out as a specific. Rhinological and South End Dispensary; Fellow Am Gynecological Soc; Dermatology and Genitourinary Diseases Albany Med and Venereal Diseases Albany Hosp; Attending Phys Dermatology and Genitourinary Diseases South End Dermatologist Albany Orphan Asylum; Deputy Health Asylum; Dispensing Phys Albany Hosp and St Peter's Hosp and South End Dispensary; Mem Med Soc of the State of N Y, Am Pediatric Soc and Am Assn of Med Hon A M; Post-Grad Berlin and Vienna; Pres Natl Am Anatom Soc; Med Examr Standard Life and Accident of Detroit, Mich, United Co, Hartford, Conn; Specialty, Acid Diseases; Hours Co Med Soc, Amer Laryngological Assn, Am Laryngological, Rhinological and Oto Prof of Chemistry and Toxicology and Registrar of Faculty in Same; Prof of Chemistry and Dean of Faculty Co Med Socs; Specialty Surgery and Genito-Urinary Soc State of N Y, Montgomery Co Med Soc and Am Inst VAN RENSSELAER HOWARD (R), Coll Phys and Medica and Therapeutics Albany Med Coll; Attndg Phys House; Med Director Tuberculosis Sanatorium of Albany Life and Annuity, Connecticut General and New England Mut Life and Germania Prof Theory and Practice Albany Med Coll; Asst Surg U WILTSE JAMES W (R), Albany Med Coll, Albany, N Y, Phys Dermatology and Genito-Urinary Dept St Peter's Childs Hosp, South End Dispensary and Home for the Assn Pathologists and Bacteriologists, Am Assn for the Soc; Chief Examr Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co; Eastern Med Soc, Med Examr in Lunacy; Specialty, Nervous and Mental Diseases; Phys in Charge Knickerbocker Hall, a Sanitarium Masonic Life Assn of Western N Y; Examr Security Investment Assn and Polish WINDBIEL JOSEF E (R), Albany Med Coll, Albany, N Y, N Y Med Assn; Med Examr North American Life, Philippines; Oculist and Aurist Auburn City Hosp; Mem Auburn City Med Socs; Practice Limited to Eye, Ear, Bathbeach, Borough of Brooklyn, New York City, Kings. The disease subsided under the usual treatment, in fourteen days. The physician had, in the meantime, published his experience as evidence of the value of this system of treatment, and he is even now quoted as having great success in this method, although he never treated any The power of prayer and faith, urged by many clergymen, and used in some asylums as an exclusive method of treatment, has been followed by no satisfactory results, and, as an exclusive remedy, has no basis, in either science or religion. The red spots being tense and painful, espedally when expK)sed to the sun. At the expiration of the above terms each member shall be appointed by the Gov ernor for the term of six years,- from names recommended by their respective State the State, on the passage of this act, shall, within ninety days thereafter, register with the secretary of the Board of Health, in the parish of Orleans, and with the clerk of the district court in the other parishes of the State, in the manner provided for physicians, giving her age and length of time, and the place or places during, and at which, she has been engaged in said practice, and make affidavit thereto, and shall pay to the secretary of the Board of Health in the parish of Orleans, or to the clerk of the district cburt in the other parishes of the State, as the case may clerk of the district court, shall issue a certificate to the one so registering in accordance with the facts herein set forth, upon a blank form to be furnished by the State Board of Health, which shall entitle the holder to practice midwifery in the parish in which said certificate is issued. It takes off the irritating influence of the perspiration of the feet, and prevents, in consequence, the soreness.

But if it is simply an obstruction of the blood coming from the left auricle into the left ventricle, and the left ventricle becomes in the end fairly filled, and does not throw the blood back again into the auricle, then there is never any hypertrophy of the left ventricle.

These spots are found especially upon the buccal mucous membrane and on the inside of the lips.


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