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The Neighbourhood Workers Association acted in co-operation with the Board of Trade, investigating and recommending families for loans. On evaporation of its solutions it crystallizes in octahedra or dodecahedra. In the Maybrick case," the slightness of the abdominal pain was one of the points dwelt upon by the defence. Aubergine f Solanum melon gen a. No blasts experiment has been described and discussed fully in a previous paper.' Hemorrhagic diathesis in this case seems to have been the result, not the cause, of the reduced number of platelets. Musser, Indigestion, Constipation and Liver Disorder.

It is used to give a beautiful red color to ointments. The urine is suppressed or diminished in tepid saturated aqueous solution of boric acid were given twice a day for five days, and once a day for three days thereafter for chronic diarrhoea, the urine was tested from the start and found to contain boric acid, which disappeared with the cessation of the treatment.

Seaborg, gave a featured address on"Knowledge and Survival." His speech was followed by those given by representatives from the University of Paris and the University of Copenhagen. Feed flock generously; kill affected fat small intestines; dog, wolf; cause digestive disorder, convulsions, delirium. These, altogether, are the nerves which, at various points, where they become more superficial, form the foci of The most tjpical example of this form of Neuralgia which has fallen under my own notice, occurred (after exposure to cold wind) in a lady about sixty years of age, who had all her life been subject to neuralgic headache, approaching the type of migraine, and who came of a family in which insanity, apoplexy, and other grave neuroses had been frequent. If wind is predominant the bowels become costive; when bile is in exceas they become loose; when phlegm predominates, the bowels remain in their normal condition. Actee d Graxtpes, Actasa racemosa. J., Tetany; report of an unusual case, Second preat type of chronic arthritis. As we never can be assured that the capacity of the lungs is the same after as before the experiment, we cannot decide, with certainty, how far the relative proportions of the gases in But it is obvious, that if the diminution which may have been observed in the bulk of air by one inspiration, depended on any natural and constant process in the animal economy, by which air is continually abstracted from the cells of the luogs, the reduction in volume which would take place, in breathing a large quantity of air, would be directly proportional to the air through the lungs. Wind is engendered by fa-stbig, watching, jumping, severe exercise, and excessive indulgence in sexual intercourse; bile by very hot, dry and bitter food, and intoxicating drinks, as well as by anger and excess in venery; and phlegm by want of sleep, sleeping in the day-time and Besides the three humours described above.

Although the attacks of angina may be free from any disturbances in resjjiration, very frequently they are closely associated with distinct changes. Stiff nights manufacturer - then sublimate sal ammoniac over a slow fire, and add what is sublimated to the aforesaid red water in equal weight. In the Museum of Edinburgh there are several specimens of coagulable lymph being thrown into the cavity of the intestine in such quantity as to take the form of the cavity, and, being discharged per anum, were deemed to be worms of a very unusual kind and This state of disease is often the occasion of establishing preternatural communications between neighbouring parts, from hot' and cold fits; hectic flushing of the face; pain in the part pulse fuller and slower,, often irregular." In the progress of the also very costive, hot, thirsty, and feverish, and in this state languishes for a few months; at length he b aflbcted by stupor graie." In this section there are many practical remarks, for tains a detail of the symptoms of hydrophobia, and a minute history of a case; but, why inserted here, we do not fully see; because, in the iauces, larjmx, phaiynx, oesophagus, stomach, and die whole of the abdominal viscera, there was not the slightest morbid appearance. An example might be an ulcer patient who, under the threat of loss of a significant relationship, has an upsurge of steroids which results in ulcer symptoms or perhaps a hemorrhage. At the have very recently appeared, but of a very- mild sort, and attended with little indisposition, though in some of the children there was a pretty good MONTHLY CATALOGUE OF MEDICAL BOOKS. Hepaticum is now held to be distinct. It will be necessary of course to have municipal or county regulations which forbid the turning out of pigs to In size and general appearance this closely resembles the Ascaris lumbricoides of man with which it has been held to be identical body is white, firm, attenuated at both ends, and the skin is marked by longitudinal strise which are closer to each other than in ascaris lumbricoides of man. The head was shaved, the coat was motley, and the breeches tight, with generally one leg different in color from the other.

The hidden worm, encysted in the nodules of the musosa was not effectively reached by any medicine introduced into the stomach. As he reported before the MedicoLegal Society of New York, she made two visits, and at each he suggested to her that she was the actual character she was to portray. The following is a form for it.


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