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Formaldehyde or iodoform gauze may be used to induce drainage and act as germicidal agents, or as iodoform does to prevent the formation of toxines. Like beauty shining through a tear. Schenck and will not disclose his secret until he has sold the American and English rights. The movenieuts increased in violence when any attempts were made to use the limbs, and although the patient declared himself unable to check them by voluntary effort, yet it was striking to observe how, if the arm were drawn quietly to the side and the patient strictly enjoined to lie still and close his eyes, the movements would cease for a moment and the patieut sink into a No diminution of gross strength could be observed in the affected arm or leg. Jauch states that he has at last found a valuable mixture that combines the two important elements of palatability and efifectiveness. Then the l.-iyman begins to understand, but not yet fully. Sultan Alia ed din, who was very stout, could do the same with his arrows; and he was so pleased with the Moloco Prince, that he agreed to restore him to his kingdom, and deliver it out of the hand of Castela. He gives no means of differentiation. Among the bequests in the will is the endowment of a free bed in the Presbyterian Hospital. There was evidently retroversion of a pregnant uterus, and a beginning miscarriage caused by the pressure of the soft rubber ball pessary. These cases are interesting to us in many ways, especially since they point out a condition of the vocal cords that is mechanical to a great extent and amenable to treatment, rather than a true paralysis. Between these extremes various deviations from the normal occur. There was so much constitutional irritation that quiuia and stimulants were freely exhibited.

I beg to insist that it should be employed in patient should be brought fully under its influence as quickly as tincture, waiting one hour, and giving in one drop doses every so as to keep up effect till hepatization sets in.

The leg became much swollen and discolored, and from the openings flowed a quantity of what appeared to be arterial blood. As the horse is gifted with the power to think, to reason about things and objects of his own sphere, to recognize facts of his experience and memory, it must be evident to every one that any examination as to soundness would be incomplete without a careful consideration of his mental endowments. The only way he can escape from making a mistake is by continuing his examination without holding a positive idea that he has found the cause.

Between quinidine, cinchonidine and quinine no differences could be seen. Experience convinces me that many of our young men are more conscientious than some of their seniors.

The good influence of Chauliac on the minds of the Popes is reflected in their interest in the medical department of the University of Montpelier.

The best faculty, best equip For Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Tonsilitis, Pain and Fever. The microscope will demonstrate whether it is a simple infection by pus microbes or whether it is due to specific germs as diptheria, gonorrhoea, etc. At the same time it has not reached the stage of fatty metamorphosis.

This contraction may be increased or decreased, thus showing that after initiatory impulse starts on its way to the point of conversion into work done by the muscle, it is accelerated, increased, or inhibited, restrained by certain influences which we cannot easily analyze.

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A rate of too much for the patient tax-payer, but the justification is found elsewhere than in rescuing his humbler and poorer fellow-citizens from disease and death. Did well for four days, when he again manifested pain, and the next day the wound opened in the centre, the size of a straw, from which the synovia spurted when he moved.


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