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In addition to these simple suggestions, which apply equally to veterinary surgery, a veterinarian should practice the wearing of gloves while preparing (castiiig, etc.) a dirty For cleaning the hands contaminated with pus or any albuminous substance, lysol, carbolic acid or creolin are preferable to sublimate, as the latter is rendered inert in the presence of these albuminous substances. While not claiming to be an authority on this subject, we think that an active and extensive practice of a quarter of a century, and a large part of that time a close student of cause and effect, has given us somewhat of an insight into and a knowledge of the laws which govern this branch of the science of medicine. Concerning an application for examination under tlie third of the act. There may also be tenderness in the epigastric observed in typhoid is generally wholly wanting in this fever. Such a system would have wonderful influence over the public health of the community, would raise the standards of medical and surgical practices in the city, and by having a central office would obviate much duplication of work. "Complete set of instruments, towels, bibs, etc.

The urine is dense, scanty, and high-colored. He has never had any pain in the bowels. It must l)i' noted that while the bacteriological examination is here mentioned rather late in the course of the work, its actual performance must be the YtTv first procedure, and one begun very promptly lest outside contamination occur. Evidence of the shortage of medical men in Great Britain, not so much in the army as at home, where the remaining pi-aetitionei"s are greatly overworked attending to the patients of their colleagues at the front. First, it is necessary to define the various morbid types, and impose appropriate names; this is definition and nomenclature; second, to group these types in reference to their affinities; this is classification properly so-called. Improvement continued slowly but steadily up to cause, violent inflammation of the hands and feet, with large pustules on the palms and soles and on the face, manifested itself. She was well enough a month I later to return home, since which time I have heard The history of the case, extending over three! years, shows well the protean character and the multiformity of the disease. In a finely divided state it is sometimes applied as an absorbent and deodorilbr to suppurating noisome sores, and is sprinkled by a dredger either directly on the unhealthy surface, or mingled with poultices. Wounds seemed to be healthy and the swelling abating. The Assistant Attorney General Simpson held as follows:" That while perhaps strictly under the law, an applicant must was in existence, yet, if under all the circumstances, you are satisfied he acted in good faith, I should issue certificate to practice." This may reasonably be taken to mean that the board may issue certificates under such circumstances, and that the board may have some discretion in such matters. Abcess was opened and has discharged ever since one operation was made by local long, li inches wide and J inch thick was removed from the center of the shaft of the femur, the lower end of the sequestrum being about two inches above the knee joint. Those forms which have only been incidentally alluded to or entirely disregarded in the text-books hitherto published are here shown to be of the greatest interest to the general practitioner and student of mental science, both from a normal and abnormal stand-point: tretinoin cream 0025 coupons. The handling of the wounded becomes apparently a question of military tactics. Now, the ease with which the hand is passed into the vagina and uterus, with the patient in this position, is wonderful, and will surprise any one that has never made the efibrt.

Which tend immediately to the production of versions or flexions.

Quimby, in the March number of the"Reporter." But I claim no originality in the treatment of these latter cases, as it was taught me years ago, when a student in the office of Dp. Wallace, of Franklin, on Two Cases of Foreign Bodies in the Trachea; T. When made to walk the hind legs were carried forward stiff' and straight, as though jointless, and the muscles in front of the femur were spasmodically contracted. He also issued the following circular:" In view of the presence of an epidemic of cholera, the existence of yellow fever, and the Oriental plague, abroad, the safety of the public health in this country demands the enforcement of rigid quarantine against the introduction of these diseases through vessels arriving at our ports. Although it is clear that a marked correlation exists between the recognized forms of mental ff defect or disease on the one hand and habitual drunkenness on the other, the association is not definite enough to justify the commonly heard statement that all inebriates are more or less nor the other; indeed, many t.vpical inebriates! jj are extremely capable individuals during sober!)( mentally sound amongst them are not normal jiic persons; the evidences of peculiarity are too definite to be ignored, although its character is i difficult to define, and its location obscure. In poisoning from phosphorus and arsenic the appearances in most of the organs indicate an actual destruction of protoplasm. Matthews Duncan, of the north of England Obstetrical Society, has an interesting article in the Ediahnrgh Medical Journal on the age of nubility, especially in woman. Its use is now limited to those ydlow, of varying consistency, which does not become fibrillated on the addition of acetic acid, and which does not change in color when acted progressive, and leads, sometimes, to the destruction of the organ, as occurs in certain instances of colloid degeneration of the thyroid body.


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