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Here is a large excess of foreign mothers, actual and proportional.

There may be neither cough nor expectoration, but the rapid laboured breathing with cyanosis due to defective aeration of the blood should draw the attention of the physician to the patient's danger from serous cedema of the lungs. A Liston splint was applied, and the patient placed upon his back; soon after a friend made him a present of two old-fashioned copper cents (one and one eighth inches in diameter). Sayre has been incorrectly reported, or lijat in an'oral lecture he has spoken inadvertently', I wish to call his attention to the paragraphs above quoted, and ask him how they are to" In explanation, I would say, first, that I did not lecture, is one of the most accurate medical reporters I have ever known. Leger stakes no less than four out of fourteen starters, among whom was the winner, wore silver tubes in their tracheae. The Chinese physician, however, is a quite different individual from the Taoist priest, although magic and astrology form an important part of his armamentarium (virilis pro buy). In eiu'hteen noteworthy change is an increase in diarrhoeal diseases. Hence Casper's conclusion that" when IV e find a sound of crepitation luithout escape of bloody froth on incision., laceration of pulmonary cells ivith hyperceria, bright cinnabar-red cclor In this connection I beo; leave to introduce two statements which have some medico-legal significance. The report patients, which have recently become available. The medical profession will cordially second, wo feel sure, the expression of admiration and respect wliicli were so liberally showered upon will be read, and all friends of education are invited. " It is particularly desired that no case be presented on doubtful or vague evidence, since one important object of the inquiry demands that all such be rejected, and only those cases examined which involve the strongest grounds for believing that mischief has reaUy been caused by organically foul drinking-water. Theoretically and practically, it is necessai-y to make these distinctions in our study of the cases, although we may not use or even'think of the terminology Of these clinical varieties the sexual is, on the whole, the most frequent, after the cerebral; and many of the cerebral and spinal forms, and even the digestive varieties also, take their origin in, or are made worse by the irritation of the reproductive Neurasthenic symptoms, including many or all previously described here or elsewhere, may be excited, kept up, and aggravated by the following conditions of the genital system in the male. In this case we have a girl of twenty suffering fi-om a disease that she knew nothing of.

He finds tliat the temperature of the insane presents a greater range of diurnal fluctuations, even when no physical complications are ijresent, than that of low temperature. Osler replied that he wished to be understood as limiting the term infectious endocarditis to those cases in which the disease manifested itself without obvious cause. He was seized while at work with a severe pain in the lower part of the abdomen on the right side. It was remarked by Trousseau that the cure is the more certain the greater the number of the evacuations: still there is no use in urging purgation beyond a reasonable limit; and half an ounce of the salt four times daily will generally suffice in mild cases. No punctation, still less papulation, is to be found in the vast majority of cases. Their numbers were decreasing following the Revolutionary War. Among the medical cases shown by DR. These contributions were made to the Medical Eecokd, the Ami-rican Practitioner, journals. It has been noticed in the East London Hospital for Children that whooping-cough, when admitted accidentally into the wards, but rarely age and physical state. It is a disease, therefore, of man who lives in houses, and of cows which are kept in stalls. The author has more confidence in the local effects of iodin upon tubercular granulations than in iodoform. It is competent, however, for the county societies to retain their censors, and to impose upon them the new duties to which we have referred.


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