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The second photograph is a higher power of the same area, showing in more detail the epithelial crescent. We are at this moment attending a little girl of nine months old, with this species of complaint, who has lost, we are informed by the parents, five brothers and sisters of the same disease; and Cheyne mentions a much more numerous loss of this kind. Old iron goes for precipitating copper; ammonia is extracted from old boots; solder is taken from meat tins, and so on." There are four sets of rails running inside the building, with a trav REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. " In various inflammatory or irritative affections of the alimentary canal, castor oil is of the greatest service, partly, no doubt, by removing acrid irritating secretions or foreign materials, such as undigested food, and partly by causing a depiction of the congested vessels, but also apparently by virtue of an almost specific power, which renders it the most satisfactory cathartic in these cases. It grows in the same gregarious way as peppermint. Rudin has suggested the only method of dealing with this condition, and that an operative one. Eighteen months before her death"emaciation, debility, and sallowness set in," followed by the passage of faeces and flatus from the vagina. Interest of the National Medical Association and Allied Professions of Medicine, Surgery Conceived in no spirit of racial exclusiveness, fostering no ethnic antagonism, but born of the exigencies of American environment, the National Medical Association has for its object the banding together for mutual co-operation and helpfulness, the men and -women of African descent who are legally and honorably engaged in the practice of the cognate professions of Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy and Dentistry. The legs and feet can be occasionally supported by chairs, on which pillows are placed; and when tired of this position, they changed by ventilation.

Hence it becomes almost a necessity to the success of the system in a mixed community, and especially where there are children, that some automatic tub, B, beneath the seat, and the other tub, A, holding dry earth or ashes, which are applied by means of a scoop.

Study of the sex distribution showed a ratio of approximately two females to one male. Second: A solution of carbolic acid is to be added to the oil used for the lubrication of the instruments. Tamen cum longus pertinet ad difficultatem, est par acuto. Chapman informs us, that he met with a ca.se in the Alms-house, in which it repeatedly attacked the penis of an old man, occasioning a that should govern us in the management of the latter recollecting, however, that it is an inflammatory transposition, and is to be treated by the antiphlogistic means already recommended. Another symptom often observed, particularly in fair-skinned children, is patches of marked erythema, a vivid red and sharply defined outline usually appearing as a result of slight, transient pressure. A small portion of the mucous membrane was then lifted with a pair of forceps and snipped out.

The pericardial adhesions and the consequent hypertrophy and dilatation of the whole heart are a constant menace, and prevent satisfactory treatment. Would only wish to be considered as cautioning against a too great facility of credence, upon this head; because we know the point has been yielded in many instances, with too much ease, and much to the injury of the sick.

In place of the term" concussion of the spine," it will be better, so far as possible, to use more definite terms. There is a yellow serum sure to follow the incision, when there is an anasarcous tendency; the same colouring may be found in all the serous cavities. It is a fact, however, ment was bound or unbound in the first that when any foreign substance is incubation. This is common to both classes, although the amount of blood lost is, in general, far greater in the multiparae. These two sets of myotomes have each a single nerve only. " The presystolic thrill and bruit were well marked and mitral stenosis was diagnosed; but at the necropsy the mitral valve was found quite noi'mal. The astringent salts of iron were first brought into notice in connection with the treatment of the fluxes by the iatro-chemists.

SI venit in balneum, primum insudare paulum sub veste in tepidario; ibi ungi, tiun transire in calidarium: ubi sudarit, non descendere in solium, sed perfundere se lotnm per caput niulta calida aqua, tum tepida, delude frigida que per RULES FOR THOSE WHO ARE AFFECTED IN SOME OTHER PART OF THE BODY, AND FIRST, OF THOSE WHO HAVE SOME INFIRMITY OF THE HEAD. Sub hoc venter indurcscit, dolorque ejus est: alvus nihil reddit, ac ne spiritum quidom transmittit: extreme partes to deficient digestive power on the part of the stomach, in consequence of which the stools uro fluid, whitish, clay-like or mud-like, destitute of bile, offensive and accompanied with flatulence, offensive eructations, rumbling in the bowels, progressive emaciation and dryness of the skin (where can i buy ivermectin for humans). Discomfort upon the swallowing of food may be present.

Often the positive and premature statements of a physician relating to new discoveries in medicine are corrected, or at least regretted, at a later date; but sometimes the pride of opinion prevents a retraction in the face of the most conclusive evidence. Ellis begins at once in the first chapter a dissection of the head and neck. It is marketed in the form of powder, tablets, and percentage-solutions in ampules.

These physicians used in dysentery demulcent clysters of barley water, syrup of roses, yolks of eggs and other bland substances, to which, while the pain was acute, they added opium or other anodynes, and in the advanced stages relied on decoctions and infusions of the vegetable astringents, to which they sometimes added burnt hartshorn, Armenian bole and other drying remedies, or mastic, frankincense and other resinous drugs, believed to be possessed of healing virtues. J The same writer cites two interesting statements in support of the view that drinking water turbid with suspended mineral bowel complaints in Jamaica increased after the spring floods, when the water contained"a of the Mississippi river"acts in an eilicient manner as a purifying- agent, so that the settled water is really purer than if it hod previously contained no at New Orleans, as ascertained by analysis, will) those of the IJooghly at Calcutta, as officially reported, I find the following passage:" The Mississippi water, unfiltered, is much purer ami safer to drink than the filtered water of the Calcutta river, for the average amount of animal matter, (meaning the mud, is far greater in amount, but is not particularly unwholesome." occurring at Tort Duncan is"probably attributable) to the saline waters of the Ilio Grande,"' attaching the supposed injurious effect to the dissolved, Selden, New Mexico, which is supplied with drinking water from the IlioGrande:" I may observe that all eases of chronic diarrhoea appear to do badly Selden, or any point wherotheltio Grande constituted the water-supply." Here the water is blamed without specifying which of its ingredients is supposed this volume the average proportion of cases of diarrhoea and dysentery to strength at the posts on the Rio Grande is less than that which existed during the same period at David's Island, Fort Columbus, or Fort Hamilton, New York harbor, or even at Fort Ontario, New York.


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