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Buoninsegni' writes:" Del mese di Gennaio commincib in Firenze una influenza, die quasi ogni persona malava di freddo e con febbre, e duro insino a mezzo febbraio e morironne molti d'ogni eta, ma Besides Buoninsegni, Alexander Benedictus' also mentions that reports that Marchese observed it in the city of Forli, in the Eomagna, when not a jjerson escaped, although only a few died (se ben pochi ne morirono). Breaking up substance of growth, subcutaneously, by a common dissecting needle. One other circumstance belongs to the history of this disease in the intervertebral fibro-cartilages, namely, that it often gives rise to the formation of psoas abscess. They are "where can i buy naproxen 500 mg" due to spasm of the laryngeal muscles, and are often dangerous. Its jiroxiinal end to the distal end of the hypoglossal so as to get B return of" Ca.se vi had a jierfect dissociated movement of the face at the end have been told of two cases of independent dissoeiatetl movment appearing after three months in facio-hvixiglossal anastomosis. Soft, vascular, ill di liiied: iiiteLrnini'nts involved and fi.xi'd; na.so-pharvnx notici il lii'hind the malar l)one in the temporal region; extension to the sub-maxdlary and cervical glands; origin of the growth behind the jaw, Occasionally, a growth unfavourable at lir.st sijiht fr.iin its larjre size around, ami especially those behind. I have pointed out that from the point of view of its application to persons the physical language is exceedingly abstract, in the sense that if used quite rigorously it must necessarily omit a great deal that we believe about persons. The staining fluid employed is a solution of picro-carmine, and, in the case of fluids, is used as follows: The fluid is thinly spread on a coverglass and carefully passed through a flame, care being taken against overheating; a few drops of the staining fluid are then added to the coverglass, or the latter may be immersed in the same, the staining being complete in about three minutes. This material consisted partly of healthy pregnant and partly of afebrile and non-severely bleeding patients, who had been admitted to the maternity hospital on account of symptoms of abortion. LIGATURE OF THE ANTERIOR TIBIAL Indications. Then follow one or more curettiiii.'s. The patient continued to improve rapidly, and no trace of effusion, or even cough, remained after the first twelve hours from the time I was called. Tliin slices of the articular ends of the radius and uln.i were ri niovcd. Mertens did not believe the influenza a contagion, for the reason that, according to his observation, now only one, and then again all of the members of a family were stricken. The flaps of an amputation through ihimaged parts shouhl not be too cloeeiy sutured; tension should be OPERATIONS FOR AMPUTATION OP THE FINGERS Vs the rule is alwavs to rcinovo asiittl.' as possible, tlie aitual iiietluHl a.ioi.ted will alwavs llepeiid upon the aspcrt of the iiiifjcr from which should therefore he practis.-d. Bromides are most useful in daily doses of one dram. The anthrax disti'ict, the infected locality, is apparently harmless to man. If necessary the peronei are divided and in many cases t The ankle is laid on its outer side on a.sand pillow, and an incision hah t internal malleolus, and the tibia is divided transversely with a narrf osteotome. We can divide the needs of persons into two groups, the biological needs and the supra-biological or social needs. The patient is thus exposed to the influence of three agents heated air, steam, and the vapour of mercury. It was the French who in this case took the lead. The anterior aspect ol t In' hone iiiiist he removed with fioiiee and chi.sel to j:ive or from the antrum. Our own experiments, therefore, support fully the statement in communicated from diseased to healthy animals by the subcutjineous injection of blood from the diseased animals.


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