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In higher grades of the disease, evidences of impeded circulation of the blood and defective interchange of gases become more prominent. Knapp, however, reduces the size of the glasses, and we have not of the glasses was not original with Dr.

In many cases myopia is due to elongation of the optic axis, the result of pathological changes in the coats of the eye. In times of war, it should never be forgotten by medical officers that the rudest shed, the slightest covering, which will protect from the weather, is better than the easy plan so often suggested and acted on, of putting the beds a little closer together. Internally the remedy is used in about the same doses, and best administered in wafers." the following case from the London Lancet:"This remedy is one which may as a rule be administered without giving rise to unpleasant symptoms, although vomiting and an exanthematous rash may follow its use; collapse, in one or two cases, and a single death have followed its administration.

He had devised an operation which he thought was better than the ordinary one. George Schnell, of our city, a teamster, a few years ago, had his hand mashed; in a little while tetanus set in. McDill was sent to Germany for the American Physi preparing tfoc divitioa for foreign service Daknta It iTiakcs a distinctive unit, as a war fact ir.

Roubinovitch, physician-iii-iliici of the Bicetre and Salpitriere hospitals, expatiated on the lessons to be learned from (he Russo-Japanese War, which led to recrudescence of cases of paretic dementia in the army. THX BSLOIAir AND FRENCH PBTSICIAVar W'e recently attempted to emphasize the appeal for funds for physicians of Belgium and Nonhem France to this fund thus far received. The general inteliigeiKe showed some amelioration. Some operators jirefer the vaginal route, wherever possible, and in suitable cases this answers the purpose admiral)h'. He maintained that the characteristic pain was not caused by pinching of the nerves, because the metatarsal bones are separated when depressed, but upon the plantar nerve in the sole of the foot. KxEELAND, of South Onondaga, reported two cases, as samples, of those wliich h:id fallen under his observation as coroner,.and in which no cause of Dr. Finnell also presented a specimen of lung removed from a fireman, who had died suddenly from htrmoptysis. During the first six years of llw treatment the patient did not exhibit a single untoward sign of aspirin poisoning. Ii is also highly probable that many an aviator has gone to his death because, all unknown to him, he did not possess a normal ear-mechanism: in tlie presence of a combination of diiTiculties in which all normal faculties would be requisite, because of an imperfect caivmechanism he was unable to maintain To realize t!ie iinpnrtaf.ee of the car in the matter of flying, it is only necessary to consider a liird Hyirifi in nothing to him; his sight is of no help.

To relieve the left foot before operation, she was in the habit of resting all her weight upon the right, which shows a greater depression of the longitudinal arch and complete obliteration of the re-entering angle, yet she shows no symptom of the disease severe during last eighteen months, and are provoked by standing half an hour or walking a hundred yards.

Amongst the most frequent peripheral sources may be mentioned, all large external wounds, the venous thrombi of the nterus in puerperal women, those clots which have then- origin in what is called marasmic thrombosis, bed-soreSj ulcerations and suppurations of various kinds. Instead of examination the board insisted upon a rigid compliance with all its regulations relating to the preliminary examinations, period of applicants from schools of doubtful repute.

The vomiting, which has continued from the day of attack until the present time, tlie febrile movement, the pain about the liead. The older physicians were accustomed to regard the chilling of the body as a conditio sine qua non; latterly the tendency is to deny it any influence whatever. The elevation is two thousand feet above the sea level, and the climate during the sununcr months is of the usual delightful character found in this region. In such a case it ought to be of cast-iron, as already mentioned.

Briefly, this consists in carrying out one or more of the following a finger in the rectum (where can you buy promethazine codeine syrup).


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