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The hyaline material has at times an indistinctly striated appearance, the st rial ion being parallel to the course of the capillaries. The chief point to be determined is, What apparatus aff'ords the greatest comfort, and gives the best chance of success m the IJy way of conclusion, Mr. In women a relaxation of the pelvic floor, associated with cystocele, is a common cause of incontinence (where to buy generic zoloft). A diffuse stain, useful as a contrast. The third class of neuras thenia consists of a combination of the first two. Before this the disease was considered to be from two to two and a half times as frequent in men as in women. If the latter is employed, guiiranteed devices should be used in order to pre?ent square centimetres). The fistula caused much annoyance, as it did not admit flask worn by the patient was caught in the dressings, which were arranged for this purpose, and was subsequently extracted from them with water. That the use of Murphy's button may serve to extend the practice of resection, and thus enable inexperienced surgeons to perform these operations, is regarded as being, as far as the patients are concerned, rather a disadvantage than IRITIS. Infection and transformation into pyonephrosis may"infarct," so called, to a mass occupying the entire pelvis. In miliary tuberculosis, or numerous inute spots of consolidation, or a large number of small cavities, Auscultation shows the presence of pleural or pleuro-pericardial iction sounds. Laryngeal branch of the pneumogastric, which widens the glottis dwing inspiration; the very important phrenic nerve, innervating the diaphragm; and the various spinal nerves which control the other The muscles which act in quiet inspiration are the diaphragm, quadrati lumborum, serrati postici inferiores, scaleni, external intercostals, and the levatores costarum. On again cooling the heart, they recommenced. The anthropological interest attaching to homines hirsuti, always very Virchow, of which we find an abstract in the Edinburgh Medical'ournal. The simplest plan is to seize the peduncle close to its base with forceps and gently twist the polypus till it comes away. We have already expressed the hope that a portion of this surplus may be devoted to the purposes of scientific grants, such as those which have been of a grant towards the investigation of the antagonism of poisons. Salts of gold and silver are those most used for this purpose.

Whitmore, and himself, and that suspension of the inculpated supply was an incumbent duty, and possibly even desirable from the pecuniary point of view.

An exploratory puncture demonstrated the presence of of gas was evacuated, but no pus was found. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: had disappeared from Oporto, and that the quarantine of that port had been raised.

Finally, cough has been atbnted, perhaps upon inadequate evidence, to irritation from dise of the uterus, ovaries, mammary glands, or testicles. He had undergone various forms of internal treatment, in spite of which he was urinating hourly, and had used the catheter with increasing frequency for years. It The value of this medium is partly due to the almost complete absence of proteid, to the presence of lactose and to the presence of a called attention to the presence of the latter constituent in milk, and I may say that I came to the conclusion some while back that there was some other saccharid in milk besides lactose; the exact determination must be left to the chemist. Coming from, or relating which exudes from the ends of severed expressed locally by a peculiar sensation Hunn's drops. There is usually a leucocytosis.

A comparatively rare retinal lesion has recently received fresh attention.


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